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Most shows don’t need this advice, but Riverdale’s second season need to slow down.

(Riverdale spoilers follow!)

Let’s consider the first season, shall we? The entire season, which consisted of just 13 episodes, centred around one central mystery with some juicy side-plots sprinkled in (Mrs. Grundy, the SoDale buyer, etc.). However, with this came a problem: some minor characters like Josie and Kevin by and large got the shaft for most of the season.

The second season seems to have the same problem – Josie and Kevin still have very little to do – but with every other character falling down a different dark rabbit-hole at the same time. Archie is working with the FBI/mob, Veronica is dipping into shady business dealings, Betty’s a camgirl, Jughead is a way-too-hardcore gangster thug… and that’s aside from the relationship drama, drug-peddling teachers, crazy murderer brothers, illegal drug deals, blackmail, affairs, prostitute moms, date rapists and a freakin’ serial killer.

Here’s the thing: Riverdale season two is moving too fast – or rather, it has too much going on. Sure, the show has always required a little bit more suspension of disbelief than your average show (Sticky Maple? Jingle-jangle? Papa Poutine?), but the odds that every character is going through some different dark business at different ends of the spectrum, all at the same time? I get that this is a teen drama, and while every teen drama has multiple characters dealing with multiple problems, they are typically less dire high-school problems like an STI or telling your dad you flunked a test. Yes, Riverdale is a ‘town where bad things always seem to happen’, but literally every kid that goes to Riverdale High is embroiled in some deep, deep scandal.

The first season was paced fine, and it had less episodes to work with. I can get that with more episodes there runs a risk of making crappy filler episodes, and maybe the writers are working to avoid that – but making everything too much is not the solution. Breathe and slow down; we’re still with you, Riverdale.

(P.S. Give Kevin Keller a real arc.)

Unsolicited advice from a concerned fan

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