This whole season could have been wrapped up with just this one episode. There weren’t any real aha moments and great secrets revealed. Laurel’s brother, Xavier helped to get Nate Sr. killed. And he is working with the governor to it. She is pulling the strings. Miller just got caught up in it, but he was truly innocent. Nate reacted before they could find out what the truth really was. He then killed Miller but once again this all came from the governor. Now, I guess we will have to figure out just what her beef is with Annalise. What did Annalise do to her, to cause her to retaliate against her like that? We haven’t seen any interaction between the two since the beginning of the show. Now is this all due to what happened in season 4. Are they all working for Jorge Castillo?

Now, Annalise and Frank have to lie to Bonnie and Nate to spare their feelings of guilt for killing an innocent man. I mean at this point and just how the show normally goes, that will eventually come out. Right? Or Maybe not.

Now, Laurel’s mom has been missing since she had that last encounter with Laurel. She came away with scratches on her arm. And to be honest I thought that Laurel had killed her mom and that is why she was hiding the scratches. If she was just trying to prevent her from leaving, why focus on the scratches. Why have her hide them if it wasn’t evidence? Laurel rejects the idea to take the evidence to the FBI for fear of her brother and she might be killed because of it, along with her son. But the gang decides to take it in anyway. One good thing did happen, Telecso was fired but she started another battle on her way down. The one thing Gabriel was trying to keep hidden from his mom is now out there. Why Telesco cares so much now that she is unemployed is beyond me.

After they find out what happened and how Xavier is involved they go and confront him. Since he can’t seem to do things for himself. Laurel ends up missing and Christopher as well. Did Xavier grab her or did she leave on her own. She thanked Annalise, which she never does. And  that could have been a goodbye.