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After the end of last weeks episode, it comes as no surprise that Richard is not a very good public speaker. This week his struggles continue as he was trying to inspire the new crew he panicked, almost pooped his pants, vomited, and gave himself a bloody nose by running into the wall of his office.

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Jared tells him there are three more days of orientation, which are designed to unite the team. Richard, having just made a fool of himself, decides that the orientation is not needed – because he would have to do a lot of talking in front of everyone – and chooses to just have the different teams, Sliceline and Optimoji, work on different things.

Meanwhile, at Hooli, Gavin is having an issue with the design of the new box. He wants his signature to be on the box, but market researchers found out that his penmanship indicates some sociopathic tendencies. He decides to crowdsource the design of his signature and the winning signature turns out to be phallic in nature. Also, Hoover alludes to Gavin that he has a spy on the inside.

Silicon Valley
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Progress is moving forward at Pied Piper until Richard discovers that the people from Optimoji and Sliceline are using different coding metrics. Richard appeases both sides by switching their coffee vendor and waiving the no dogs allowed policy. This quickly backfires when the next day the office is filled with dogs.

Jian-Yang convinces a judge that he should be the heir to Erlich’s estate. In order for him to legally own the house and 10% of pied piper though, he has to pay off all of Erlich’s debt.

Dinesh buys a Tesla to celebrate the success Pied Piper has experienced lately, giving Gilfoyle a chance to mock the tech industries eco-friendly craze. Dinesh gets a prime parking spot because of the electric car, so Gilfoyle goes out and buys himself an electric bike to take the spot. Hoping to beat Gilfoyle to work one day, Dinesh turns the car on insane mode but loses control of the car and runs into the back of a truck, racking up $17,000 in damages.

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Richard attempts to give another inspirational speech saying that the new internet should be inspirational enough for them and if they didn’t agree they could all leave. The speech backfires when they all leave. A few days later, Dinesh and Gilfoyle come back to work to find an exhausted Jared, plus the coders from Sliceline and Optimoji. Richard had completed work that was supposed to take the teams four days to do. The other coders came back to see Richard work and were inspired by him to stay on.

After working for a few days straight, Richard finishes a task then starts to feel sick again. This time though instead of just running into the wall, he runs through it.

After a long day, the guys go back to their house, only to find that Jian-Yang has evicted them and that he runs the incubator now.

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This episode was good. It played into the Richard can’t publically speak a bit much for me, but it made it worth it to see Richard go through a glass window.

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I loved the Gavin Belson penmanship bit. We have all known that Gavin is a bit of a sociopath, so for them to say it out write was very rewarding. It’s also funny to see his signature look like a penis. This is, of course, is hilarious on its own, but if you look at the middle, it looks like it is spelling something else too.

Silicon Valley
Photo Source: Silicon Valley, HBO

Let me hear your thoughts on Gavin’s signature or what you would do in a Pied Piper talent contest – where there are no winners…only losers – in the comments, or you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @NilesHougaboom. As always, be sure to check out The Game of Nerds for your other nerdy needs.


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