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Is Jerome coming back in S3 of Gotham?

While reading the tweets from the official Gotham twitter this SDCC, I came across something interesting that I’d like to share! Now before I begin I like to explain that this is nothing but a (fan)theory that Jerome might be coming back and that he perhaps ends up being the Clown Prince Of Crime. Without further ado, let’s look at the evidence I collected.


We begin with this tweet with some info from the Gotham panel at SDCC. It’s a statement from Sean Pertwee (playing Alfred) replaying on a question about the Joker’s impact onto the city. He says: “it’s the idea of the Joker that has spread through Gotham”.  Now I find this a very interesting tweet, because how can an idea be spread while the person officially hasn’t been introduced (and possibly doesn’t even exist yet) into the series? Nobody ever mentioned the Joker, apart from some rumors.  It’s like releasing film merchandise while the film isn’t even officially announced yet. It’s like choosing your ice cream flavor while you haven’t made the decision to go to the Ice salon yet. This doesn’t make any sense, especially when previously the producers told us that IF the Joker would swing by in Gotham, the earliest he’d come would be somewhere around S7. And now they say that his ideas already spread themselves trough the city? Looks like we won’t  even be needing him, everything will turn out like he wants to, while he can keep drinking margaritas by the pool.

Another tweet about this subject was sent a couple minutes after the first one:


In which we need to keep a close eye on the streets of Gotham in the next season because various graffiti paintings will cover the walls with “HAHAHA’s”. This makes sort of sense, but more about this later. The next sentence yet again keeps mentioning the Joker’s idea and his spread through the city of Gotham. And here it becomes very interesting. Now let’s go back to the “HAHAHA’s”, which made their first appearance after The Maniax (mostly Jerome) broke into the GCPD HQ and slaughters lots of cops, and the women then being captain of the GCPD, Captain Essen. He makes sure to film his actions that later on air on all the televisions in Gotham. In this video we hear his crazy laughter what is copied by a lot of people watching the footage, some even say this was the inspiration for the real Joker that will appear someday. The laughter sets something loose in some people causing them to  paint “HAHAHA” all over the streets of Gotham. Some of it can already be seen in season 2 if you look carefully.


Therefore I find it odd that they now say that the Joker is the cause of the graffiti, while it’s kinda obvious that Jerome has a big part in it. Unless….. We are missing something here. What if The Joker and Jerome are one and the same person (something I’ve been hoping for since forever)? He certainly got the looks, the laughter and the crazy seeing of life that wouldn’t look bad on the Joker. Not to mention that he comes from a circus background, making the inspiration  of the Clown Prince Of Crime and playing cards close at hand. Now I know Jerome officially is supposed to be dead, but he did end up in Indian Hill where the dead isn’t the end, just a new beginning at life. And we all heard a laugh that resembled Jerome’s in the Season 2 finale. So who knows? Maybe floating in a glass tube triggers your desire to do evil? Or did Dr. Strange already do scary things to our Jerome, to eventually create Batman’s biggest enemy?


Let’s look at my final piece of evidence for this theory:


This is what Cameron Monaghan tweeted at the time of the Gotham panel on SDCC. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary tweet about a song that he likes. But if you think about it, isn’t it a coincidence that he tweeted that song at that time of the day? He could’ve tweeted any Queen song, even any other song by any artist at any given time of the day. But it’s Queen’s I’m Going Slightly Mad at the time of the panel? Maybe I’m overreacting and overthinking this, but this is something I believe can’t be any coincidence. Maybe you don’t remember, but at last years SDCC, Jerome was there to crash the party. Any since there isn’t an official word spoken that Jerome actually comes back, this could be a slight hint that maybe we see his pretty face show up somewhere in Season 3 Gotham.

This was my theory, thanks for reading! Please let me know if you’d agree, or that you think I wrote utter nonsense. Now there is only one thing to do to find the truth: watching Gotham Season 3 when it airs on September 19th!

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