They are looking at a bell in that picture, trust me. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

This week the Green Arrow really focuses on his new recruits.

Green Arrow, remembering part of his journey through Bratvia as Oliver Queen, remembered the bell challenge. How their was a bell behind someone and the group had to try to get past him to hit the bell. It seemed pretty straight forward at first, but he was doing it to not only toughen them up, but teach them a lesson in his own way. Like a bunch of upstarts, they felt the best way was just to go after it themselves. While Arrow was kicking his new recruits ass, Thea was trying to recruit new help to the political team for Oliver Queen.

We see some dark shadows and someone walking down the street talking on the phone, he stops what he is doing, and hands some cash to someone hiding behind a tree against a wall. After that we see what looks like vines leaving the hidden figure towards the person walking down the street but we have no idea who that is. We find out that the man is involved with Amertek. Oliver trying to help benefit the city as a whole, reluctantly uses his new recruits to try to keep an eye out of the Amertek free clinic from a potential attack. Lance was supposed to also help at the request of Thea, but he showed up late because of traffic when he was really drinking. The ‘Ragman’ ended up coming through the door that Lance was supposed to be watching and attacks the president of Amertek. During the scuffle, Wild Dog who was acting as a normal volunteer tries to take down the “Ragman”, is not successful but is able to get some clothing off the mystery man.


This Ragman is pretty awesome. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Meanwhile time warp to John Diggle, to clear up all the flashes to him, he has found himself in trouble with some corrupt soldiers. His crew ends up murdered, his superior is stealing a weapon for riches, and they try to frame Diggle for this whole event, he is tied up and they have a typed “confession” from Diggle.

Speaking of bad luck, Green Arrow loses all of his recruits because he doesn’t know how to properly lead. He thinks that he needs to continue to yell, berate, and beat his recruits to get them to improve and perform and that approach doesn’t work. With him being short handed, he has to try to fight Church and his crew single handed. While this was going on, Felicity did some research with the rags and the help of her detective boyfriend to trace the rags and the radioactive nature with them being over 2000 years old. After some digging, and Thea seeing the president in the back doing some dealings with Church, unravels the truth that Amertek is bankrupt from bad business decisions and selling all sorts of technology to Church that can help him take over the city.

Amertek president and Church meet to trade the money for the technology. Ragman comes and attacks to get to the president, Green Arrow also arrives and gets rid of some of Church’s men to get to Church. Ragman lets us all know that he is the only survivor from the missile attack from Hidden Rock from last season. While this is going on Green Arrow ends up getting owned by Church and calls out to the Ragman to save him and let go of the Amertek person.

Ragman and Green Arrow meet later and talk about why Ragman saved Green Arrow. Ragman exposes his face and tells the story of how his dad put those 2000 year old rags around him to save his life from the missile attack. They both lost their father and after talking things through Green Arrow gets Ragman to work for good and to join him in defending the city.

In attempts to repair relationships, Thea asks Lance to come to the office, she wants him to join the team and be a defender of the city in another capacity. Thea says she knows that he needs a reason to not drink anymore and how she hopes this might be that reason. While back at the HIVE, Green Arrow finds that the former recruits have arrived, and for him to be a good leader they need to trust him and accept an apology. The best way he knows how to earn the trust is to show them his true identity, which as we know is the mayor of the city. After this the three recruits agree to rejoin the efforts.

We close with Prometheus getting the jump on Church, and telling Church it’s a good thing he didn’t kill the Green Arrow because if he did he would be dead right now. The only person who gets to kill Green Arrow is Prometheus.