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The original Charmed TV show was a total hit and almost required watching for witches of any age. The new Charmed TV show was met with mixed reviews. One thing is for sure though, Charmed new or old, is here to stay. I found a few completely cool gifts I would love to have. Maybe the Charmed fan in your life would love them too. All of these gifts can be found on Amazon. I provided links that will take you to the item.

My first offering is the Charmed Book Of Shadows. It sells for $178.26.

If the previous Book of Shadows doesn’t sell you, you could check out Book Of Shadows: Charmed. This one sells for $30.87.

To complete the whole Book of Shadows trio, there is The Book of Shadows The Unofficial Charmed Companion. It sells for $14.66.

This one is the Charmed The Complete Series for the OG version of Charmed. It sells for $57.32.

I just think this gift is absolutely perfect. It is a “Power of Three Will Set Us Free” patch. It sells for $3.99.

My last choice is a Charmed Charm bracelet. It sells for $9.95.

I hope this list gave you some ideas for the special witch in your life. Have a Merry Yule! Til next week…