Dragon Acres is a casual farming RPG, like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, with its own twist. Sure, there is farming, fishing, and mining, but there are also dragons. Unlike many dragons we’ve encountered in other RPGs, these guys are special. They have a bond with the land, and they help Dragon Masters expertly grow crops. After reading this description, I knew I had to dive into the demo and check it out for myself.

Eiliot, Elie, and Dragon

Source: Dragon Acres Kickstarter

Once the demo was downloaded, I witnessed an argument between Eliot, the Dragon Master, and Crawford, the professor. It turns out Eliot’s dear friend has ventured out into the world and hasn’t been back in a while. Fearful for her safety, he wanted to find her; however, Crawford stated Eliot wasn’t fit for that adventure quite yet. To become a mighty warrior and save his friend, he must follow Crawford’s training regime, which involves farming, fishing, and combat.

Eliot Farming

Source: Screenshot Dragon Acres

When I began to plant my crops, I noticed the cutest red dragon on the edge of my field. When I went to pet it, it began emanating a bright red light and allowed my crops to grow faster! I immediately fell in love with it and only wish I knew its name. The graphics of Dragon Acres are fantastic, they are playful and colorful without being too cartoony. The music is also relaxing, especially the waves near the beach. The only problem I had with Dragon Acres was the fishing element; however, fishing in farming simulators does take practice sometimes!

Eliot Fighting

Source: Screenshot Dragon Acres

As I was going through the Kickstarter, I read that Dragon Acres is a game that is being broken up into three parts. Each version of the game has a different starting area of either the beach, mountains, or forest. In addition to this, players can also play as Eliot or Elie with varying mentors in each area. Dragon Acres is set to release in either late summer 2020 or early fall, and I, for one, am excited to see the finished product!