I love movies. I love my husband. My husband will never say those great lines from movies that just make us melt. Well, he won’t say it until the movie does anyway. As a young girl, I fantasized about my future husband saying these ooey, gooey things to me. Then I met the man who would become my husband and knew for a fact that was not in the cards. It’s all good though. The man makes me drop to the floor laughing. So let’s look at some of the lines that I would love to hear…

“I have crossed oceans of time to find you.”~ Dracula

“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone”~ The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

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“Our love is like the wind. I can’t see it, but I can feel it.”~ A Walk To Remember

“As you wish.”~ The Princess Bride

“Is it possible to love someone so completely they simply cannot die?”~ A Winter’s Tale

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return.”~ Moulin Rouge

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“I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than an eternity without it. One.”~ City Of Angels

“I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.”~ Forest Gump

“You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you.”~ The Last Of The Mohicans

“Do you ever just spin and spin and spin? Well, that’s what love is like. Everything inside of you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going.”~Practical Magic

What is your top love quote from a movie? Did I get any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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