Its the fall finale so if you were hoping they were going out with a bang, you might be slightly disappointed. We are just coming off the Hen arc, marriage falling apart, wife falling apart, Hen kills a girl although it wasn’t her fault. Annnnnnnd now this week everything is right as rain. To say I am disappointed would be redundant and tiny violinish. They build you up only to let you down. This season seems all over the place and nothing is really being answered. The episodes are individual except for when they run over to the next episode. Just not as tied in as the last two seasons where. But I guess it’s Christmas so they want to throw in a few miracles.

First things first, so we don’t address Michael’s issues until now, come on 9-1-1 (mind you 9-1-1 Lone Star is getting ready to air). Could that be the reason for this watered down koolaid of a season 5. Maybe when they come off of hiatus, it will get better. Right now I am full of predictions. Quick rundown on Michael, he realized he was gay, left his family, started a relationship and moved in with his lover. They even went so far as to have them over for dinner. Everything was good or so we thought. Fast forward to season 2, Michael and Bobby are bonding, and he reveals to Bobby that he is now single. Looks like he had a couple regrets about leaving his family. Then nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing else is said about that, like ever. Cause here we are halfway into season 3 and there is still no mention of what happened. (I may be a tiny bit over analytical, but I cannot stand a forgotten story line, close it out). So I have some feelings towards this, last week Bobby with the radioactive chemicals, seemingly had a clean bill of health. Now, Michael is sleep walking, driving, etc etc and getting in the bed with his ex wife. Ummmm, are they about to kill Bobby off and have Michael try and resume his roll? I don’t like that idea. But now Bobby’s nose is bleeding and Michael walked through a plate glass window. Now, here comes Athena trying to fix it. Michael finally admits what is been going on and low and behold he is alone on Christmas and blah blah blah. Angers me.

So, the 118 has an emergency and there was a single mom and kid. I felt like Hen had a connection to the kid, they saved his mother’s life and now she feels some type of way about the little boy being alone for Christmas. Predictable actions coming up, I think that they will try and spend Christmas either with the family or the little boy. Maybe share some of Denny’s presents will go to the little boy too, since they have so many for him. On top of which, Bobby has gotten a clean bill of health. But yall remember now he had that nose bleed, so is he lying to Athena. Maybe? I don’t know, it seems like it is leading that way. And its Merry Christmas time with the 118, and i was kinda right about the little boy. The difference was they included all the kids from the group home and Hen and Karen have decided to become foster parents.

Even though Michael is not alone, he is still down. Bobby sees him and they have a heart to heart. Bobby wants to know what is going on. And it turns out that it’s not Bobby who is sick, it is Michael. He has a tumor. He drops on a bomb on Bobby. I am glad my predictions were wrong. And I hope that they make this arc a good one. Now, Michael has to go to a specialist and we won’t see the lovely 118 again until next year!

One last thing, we still didn’t find out what happened to Michael’s relationship……..the unsolved mystery of 2019…..