Great news for those who love the legendary game Stardew Valley. The official multiplayer beta for PC was released April 30th and I for one, was stoked. If you haven’t downloaded the beta yet, head on over to Steam. The directions are located in the updates section and are really user friendly. Warning there are spoilers from here on out. If one doesn’t want to know any specifics, please stop reading.


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For those who haven’t had the opportunity to bask in the glory that is Stardew Valley, here is a quick overview. Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, single-handedly created Stardew Valley and released it in 2016. Fans quickly gravitated towards it because it’s reminiscent of the cult classic Harvest Moon. However, fans also liked how unique it is. One can focus solely on farming the 8-bit land, battling monsters while mining in caves, fish, or find that special someone. Players also loved that one could marry an NPC of the same gender. Stardew Valley quickly became a hit and players were left wondering what ConcernedApe had in store for the future. The most widespread rumor was that players would one day enjoy multiplayer and on April 30th the beta was released.

Multiplayer Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley’s multiplayer is the most relaxing multiplayer I have ever experienced. The casual nature of the game allows players to chit chat via in game text or a third-party voice chat while executing their daily tasks. One player hosts while the others, up to three, can go to festivals, farm, fish, mine or even marry each other. All money is shared so, players must be weary about the money they spend. Overall, multiplayer will allow individuals to connect via the game they fell in love with.

stardew valley love

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Speaking of love, one of the major aspects of Stardew Valley is finding an NPC to call your spouse. Before the update, one could woo all potential mates with little consequences. However, players were in for a big surprise when a cutscene emerged. Potential spouses find out the farmer is a giant cheater and call them out on it. I’ll spare you the grimy details, but one should be weary about dating after installing the beta.

Stardew Valley

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I know fans have been awaiting multiplayer for years however, I think the addition of angry suitors was unnecessary. I personally enjoyed getting to know each NPC within my Stardew community due to the fact I adore cutscenes. However, angry lovers can add another depth to the game that fans have yet to see.

The latest beta for Stardew Valley has many surprises in store for players. In addition to multiplayer and angry spouses one can build a house for Pam and even find a talking bear. Overall, there is a lot to be found and I encourage everyone to explore the beta and share with me what you’ve found. This update stirs up more excitement and I am interested to see what Eric will come up with next. In the end, Stardew Valley is once again bringing gamers together, one farm at a time.