As much TV as I consume (and trust me, it’s A LOT), I find myself holding off on watching streaming shows until standard network fare is done. Streaming services original content has really upped their game-from Netflix’s lock on Marvel© shows to the original content that Hulu jumped into. There seems to be something for everyone and I aim to watch most of it.

Am I up to the challenge? Check back with me at the end of the summer.

So in no particular order, here are some things I’ll be indulging in during the hot months of the year:

Grace and Frankie

Photo Source: Grace and Frankie, Courtesy of Netflix

The fearless twosome had enough of their kids’ and ex-husbands’ sugar.honey.iced.tea. at the end of season two. Deciding to go into business for themselves, Grace and Frankie dive into the lucrative world of intimate toys…for older women. Hilarity is bound to ensue. (Streaming as of March 24th)

The Get Down

Photo Source: The Get Down, Courtesy of Netflix

The second half of the first season of the coming-of-age drama focuses on Mylene’s burgeoning career, Zeke splitting time between his crew and his education and as always, The Bronx as its own character. (Streaming as of April 7th)

Master of None

Photo Source: Master of None, Courtesy of Netflix

When last we saw fledgling actor Dev, he was headed to an eat, pray, love mission in Italy. Finding new friends, new experiences and learning a bit more about himself, Master of None continues to charm. (Streaming as of May 12th)

House of Cards

Photo Source: House of Cards, Courtesy of Netflix.                                                                                  

The scheming Underwoods will do whatever it takes to retain their hold on The Oval in season 5. Going up against the younger, better liked and more popular versions of themselves will prove a tough test. (Begins streaming May 30th)

Because I’m a sucker for television, a few other streaming shows I’ll be watching are:


The Path, Harlots, The Handmaid’s Tale, Chance


The Crown, Dear White People, Chewing Gum, The Last Kingdom, Anne with an E, The Keepers



Check back on my potentially rotting corpse to see if I made it y’all.