Farming simulators are casual games that many of us play when we need to unwind and zone out. Sometimes, I find myself longing for a story I’ve never encountered. Yes, I love tilling virtual fields and shearing pixelated sheep; however, a new plot can be necessary. Therefore I wanted to share with you Farmer’s Fairy Tale.


Source: Farmer’s Fairy Tale Steam Page

Farmer’s Fairy Tale doesn’t have a precise release date yet; however, with patience comes reward. The game begins with our heroine transported to a strange fairy-tale realm. She has no idea how she’s ended up in this predicament but rolls with it when the mayor asks her to revamp the local farm. Working with the mayor’s assistant Senior Cato, she begins to discover this world is full of secrets, puzzles, and more!

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Developer upjers shared some exciting features of Farmer’s Fairy Tale on the Steam page. It appears that the game will have a deep backstory with several twists and turns, as well as comedic relief. Not only will players be able to cultivate crops, raise animals, forge tools, and mine there will also be numerous quests and challenges. The map will be significant and progressively unlock as the player continues their journey. With a vast number of NPCs to engage with, time in this land is never dull. Overall, Farmer’s Fairy Tale looks like an interesting take on my favorite video game genre.

puppy mimic

Source: Farmer’s Fairy Tale Steam Page

Based on the trailer alone, the graphics are whimsical, and I feel like I am transported to a new realm. The architecture screams Brothers Grim while maintaining lively integrity that gamers are sure to love while oversized furniture is playfully scattered throughout the land. Plants are vibrant but also contain a mythical element, especially large vines that block off parts of the area that haven’t been unlocked. The animals are adorable from the happy cows to the prancing foxes; they all truly make me smile. There is even a mimic that acts like a dog. This whole world pulls me in, and I can’t wait to play in it, even the NPCs have individual styles and mannerisms. In the end, there may not be a release date yet, but I’m willing to bet it’s worth the wait.