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Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 212 “Pray For My Patsy.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.

**This Article Contains Spoilers for Jessica Jones Episode 212 and Episodes Prior**

“Or I could have ended up like you.”

Jessica just can’t catch a break can she? Her back from the dead mother has her sights set on her best friendher family. Having almost killed Trish, and definitely killed Officer Sunday (a death Alisa easily could have avoided), there are no more chances. Jessica has to stop her mother at all costs. But she couldn’t pull the trigger. How could she? A person as fragile and broken as Jessica couldn’t handle that. If it ever actually gets to the point where Jessica has to pull the trigger, I don’t think she would ever recover. I don’t know how they are going to resolve Alisa, but I have to hope that it will differ from last season’s finale.

When it came to Trish, her desire to become a superhero isn’t turning out to be as glamorous as she hoped. I do like how they are really showing the weight to Trish’s choice. She is only now starting to see how scary and real the consequences of her actions might be. Seeing Trish hold her mother’s hand as she realized she might die was heartbreaking.

Even then, Trish held her ground when talking to Jessica. She woke up still upset that Jessica stopped their experiment. Their conversation in general was a fantastic scene that was held up by not only the performances, but the complex unbreakable bond that they share. Even on death’s door Trish can’t get past the powerlessness that she feels—and Jessica stole away her only chance. There is a jealousy there that Trish had hid for most of her life, much like Jessica always held onto her jealousy of Dorothy.

Speaking of Dorothy, mothers were all the rage this episode.  Jessica’s desire for a mother all of her life was a staple of the episode, and as she said, she didn’t really know what she was wishing for.  Even though Trish always had her mom, Jess wanted to have that—even if Dorothy is an abusive one (that perspective that she gained didn’t last very long). Now that she finally has the mother she has dreamed of having for the last 17 years, that new relationship is a danger to everything.  The spotlight on Dorothy and Jess’ jealousy of a mother really helped shine some light into her current emotional struggle. She just got everything she always wanted…but now she may have to be the one to tear it all down.

Man…Hogarth is a masterful manipulator, and boy was she merciless. She hasn’t faced down the fact that she is going to die just yet. Instead she has put all of her focus into ruining the two people responsible for crushing her. The fate of Inez was cruel, and Hogarth’s actions are certainly not those of a good person. But Hogarth is a powerful woman, one who cannot stand being crossed—especially after becoming so vulnerable to Inez.

Thanks to Hogarth’s moving of the pieces, Inez believed her tale about Shane’s unfaithfulness. This led to Shane dead (or shot at the least) and Inez moments away from arrest. Lesson to be learned? Don’t cross Hogarth. However I can’t help but think that Hogarth’s plan rested on a house of cards. I mean if Inez grabbed the folder—or even demanded to see the letters—Hogarth’s manipulative play by play would have fallen through. Though, any excuse to see Turk is a good one.

Jessica’s family bonds became a focus in this well done episode. Trish’s actions may hold real consequences, and Alisa can no longer be bargained with. Now on a forced family road trip, how will Jessica take Alisa out of the picture? With the show moving on all fronts, here’s to hoping they follow through and pull off an emotionally moving and impactful finale!  

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Bonus Notes:

  • I could see Hogarth growing into a big conflict with Jessica in the future. Hogarth’s ruthless ways must be a focus for a reason.
  • Even if Trish doesn’t get powers by the end of the season, I’d still be convinced they will show themselves in season 3.


Jessica Jones 212 Poster

Jessica Jones promotional art cover for episode 212 “Pray For My Patsy.” Photo courtesy of Netflix.


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