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Obviously the big news on last week’s Neighbours was poor David being flattened in a hit and run, but there were enough other things going on in the background for me to cast my eye over.

Lassiters Is Complex

I am so confused by the Lassiters complex business model. On the one hand, we learned that around one hundred guests had stayed in the room which had the camera during the last three years. One hundred guests does not seem like a lot in three years, I would have expected it to be at least double that. It’s a suburban hotel complex, it strikes me as the sort of place most people would only spend a couple of nights at, so how in the heck have there only been one hundred guests in that room in one year?

But then, on the other hand, we’re being told by Dipi that the drop in guests staying at the hotel is causing Harold’s huge problems. It’s a coffee shop in a busy complex with lots of other local businesses, so you’d think that regular footfall would be more important to her than the extremely low number of guests staying at the hotel. Exactly how much coffee do those hotel guests usually buy?

Dipi’s Moral Muddle

Talking of Dipi, I find her morals extremely confusing. I never know from one day to the next which side of any moral argument she’s going to come down on, so there’s no wonder poor Shane never knows whether he’s coming or going with her.

Dipi is one of the most meddlesome residents on Ramsay Street, she absolutely cannot help herself from getting involved in other people’s business. Let’s not forget that she was integral in bringing Dee back to Ramsay Street, which caused Toadie more than a little bother.

But now, apparently it’s not okay to meddle in other people’s loves, or rather it isn’t okay when Toadie turns the tables and meddles in Dipi’s life. He helped Kirsha apply to the school in Sydney, which she eventually went to, and now Dipi is furious with Toadie for poking his nose into her family’s business, which seems extremely hypocritical of Dipi. She’s also mad about the class action suit, and angry that Shane is trying to remain on the fence between her and Toadie. “I just want you to be on my side!” she yelled at Shane. No doubt the poor bloke would have an easier time of being on her side if he knew from one day to the next what her moral stance on certain things was going to be.

neighbours dipi kirsha toadie

Kirsha says goodbye. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Kyle Thinks He’s a Lawyer

It’s been established many, many times that Kyle is not the brightest light in Blackpool, and this week one of the numerous ways he demonstrated this was by almost convincing himself that he’d become a lawyer overnight, rather than a bloke who part-owns a tram that sells kangaroo burgers. He kept talking about lawyer/client confidentiality and about making arguments in court, meaning that Toadie kept having to gently remind him that he’s not a qualified lawyer. He’s like one of those people who watches The Staircase and then thinks they’re a forensic scientist.

Nobody Cares That Gary Almost Joined a Cult

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and last week Kyle’s dad seemed almost ready to jack in his life down under and ship himself off to London to join a cult, and nobody has really mentioned very much about it, as though it’s something he does all the time. I’m really starting to think that Gary needs some closer supervision.

neighbours gary prue

Gary on the tram with Prue, who almost persuaded him to join a cult. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.