For being episode 2, this sure felt like a season premiere. With the boys starting school, Luis back at the restaurant, and Jessica back in mom mode everything points to this being the true start of the season with the prior episode feeling like a season connecting special to throw in guest stars and bridge the housing gap.

While it didn’t have the enthusiatic Jessica, the fun cameos, or quite as memorable one liners — it was a solid episode. That being said, it was a little Eddie heavy and had some sportsball, so viewer be warned.

Fresh Off the Boat – Courtesy of ABC

We are sorry but the restaurant scenes focusing on the “celebrity feud” at “Kenny Rogers Michael Bolton’s Cattleman’s Ranch” and not on the enployees is not fun for us. It feels tired and drawn out, but we do like how Jessica supports Louis and encourages him to expand his horizons. We also like that Matt Oberg is doing well after The Real O’Neals cancellation and enjoyed his character playing the bland, almost-deadpan henchmen of Kenny Rogers.

Evan getting to move up a grade and join Emery was a genius wriring move to keep the storylines tighter and not have to drag us through elementary school or just ignore Evan’s time at school. It foes seem like an oversight to not have Emery also move up a grade, but his unlucky storyline made up for it. Unfortunately Grandma Huang only served as a mouthpiece to establish it being his year of the zodiac comingback around and make a joke about Eddie’s constant…Eddie-ness.

Fresh Off the Boat – Courtesy of ABC

Poor Eddie. Nothing is going his way this season. First the highschool jocks are flocking to Allison, who seems oblivious to how rudely they treated him and blindly enjoying their attention. This spurs Eddie to try out for football, against Jessica’s wishes (she’s protecting him a little too much), and subsequently not make the team, but try and hide the truth by saying he is a player with another number. Honey accidentally outs him to Jessica during her brief appearance in the episode, and Jessica rushes to the field to rescue him in true Jessica fashion.

Fresh Off the Boat – Courtesy of ABC

At first her and Alison think he’s number 22 and shockingly talented, until 22 gets sacked ans when Jessica rushes to him it is not Eddie at all, who they see peaking around a shed watching them discover his lie. Alison then ends their relationship because he didn’t trust her to not be shallow and lied to her–though we think he is better off with how oblivious and uncaring she has been. Thankfully, things look up when his friends reckncile with him at lunch the next day in solidarity and the gang is finally back together and we can hopefully get the humour dynamic out of this group that we aren’t getting from the Huang’s out-of-sync storylines.

Solid episode, but we need new jokes and stories after the last two episodes were spent mostly tieing up all of last seasons loose end and lating foundation for what’s to come.