Rick goes down and talks with, Negan! But it sure sounds like Rick is trying to brag to Negan about all the things he has and will do. It’s a very risky move by Rick, giving Negan the time of day and giving him the information he might be able to use in the future. The big push for everyone is to finish the bridge before walkers come. As part of the agreement, most of the work is to be done by Saviors. Some of the Saviors have been walking off of the job and it’s happening more frequently.

Henry is giving people water on the bridge, Justin says that he needs more and Henry says there isn’t enough. Justin pushes Henry to the ground and drinks more, so Henry gets up and sweeps the leg with his stick. Justin hits the ground and everyone else has a good laugh about it. Justin gets up like he is going to go after Henry but Daryl steps in. They fight with Daryl getting a great shot to Justin’s face, Justin fights back by throwing sand in Daryl’s face until the fight is broken up.

Siddiq is working with Enid in the medical profession, we hear that she has learned a lot while she is working on someone. Rick comes and talks with them, Rick tells Siddiq that he needs to head back home because there is a bug going around, Siddiq tells Rick that she can handle it being on her own. Rick says that he knows that she can, Enid seems a bit shocked at first but knows she can do it.

At the Hilltop, Michonne comes to visit and asks about supplies, she says that people and supplies from Sanctuary were sent, Maggie confirms they have never arrived. Michonne wants to know if supplies will still be sent over because they did send the gas as asked about. This is the second group of Saviors that have come up missing, as ones who have walked off the bridge repair job has not been back to the Sanctuary, which is weird because some of them have families and wouldn’t just abandon them. Earl’s wife wants to see him and refuses to leave until she gets a chance to see him, it’s been a number of weeks. After some time and thinking, Maggie allows her to see her husband after talking with Jesus. While watching and listening to them talk, Maggie finds out that Earl has a history of drinking and it sometimes makes him not himself. Towards the ends of the episode, Maggie decides that he deserves a second chance, just like her dad did. Earl will be under supervision because he can do good for the community as the only blacksmith.


When hauling logs, make sure to not leave your man hanging. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Some groups of walkers are dangerously close to the bridge repair group and the group cutting logs for the repairs. The plan is to use old-school sirens to get the attention of the walkers, Tara is a lookout, Jerry is at station one, someone else is at station two, Jerry gets the walkers attention and diverted to location one. But the second one doesn’t go off, realizing this alarm hasn’t gone off in a reasonable amount of time Tara tells Rick that something is wrong and that herd is going to head straight for the group at the logs. Sure enough, the walkers are coming in fast at the group at the logs. Daryl tells everyone to get out, a random on top of the log stack jumps off causing the logs to roll down. One rolls right on top of Aaron’s arm! He is trapped, the arm is, a mangled disgusting mess, Daryl leads a group to try and get Aaron out, you don’t want to see the arm trust me. Rick and company arrive in time to help fight off all the walkers.

At the camp, Enid is by herself and evaluates the damage and says she has to amputate the arm. Enid is looking at a book on how to do it, and Aaron gives her some support and tells her to just do it. She is able to safely amputate his arm and stop the bleeding. Daryl wants to know who was supposed to be diverting the herd at the second location, it turned out to be Justin who said that it’s not his fault the walkie is dead. Daryl says it’s a solar walkie he didn’t think to check it? Justin said it’s not his fault and Daryl and Justin fight for the second time. Carol ends up breaking them apart, later that night Justin tells Daryl that he needs to control his dog. Rick tells Justin to leave in the morning, and if he doesn’t stitches won’t fix what he is going to do to him. Justin says he won’t wait for the morning he will leave tonight.

A couple other side stories that I’m sure will be bigger soon, Father Gabriel and Ann spend a lot of time together and end up making out together! It is a very odd but very cute arrangement. Speaking of Ann she sees them, or a, helicopter again but this time at night. Who is controlling the mystery helicopter? Rick talks with Negan and Negan says that Rick is just getting the world ready for him. Carol quietly asks Ezekiel for the ring, Ezekiel wanted to give a big speech but Carol wouldn’t let him.

While Justin is stumbling home, he is being watched by someone, he hears noises in the trees and gets a weapon and heads to the trees when he recognizes someone, he says he is happy to him and was about to hurt him. But *WHACK* the person knocks him out!

Something is going down as this is the third set of people who have come up missing/been attacked lately.