This episode saw several parallels concerning the theme of moving on and confronting problems we least expected to face.

M’yrnn continues to struggle with his dementia. But naturally, a powerful Martian man such as M’yrnn struggles even further, as his psychic prayers create a disturbance at the DEO and at the alien bar. The Karmorean attacked people until Supergirl flew in to disarm her. And the DEO agents, as well as Kara herself were affected by the psychic signal.

This stirred up much chaos throughout the episode, as Sam Arias is being watched over carefully by Lena Luthor in her private lab at L-corp.

There were cape tricks and much-needed truths being said as Kara and Mon-El trained together. She finally admitted to him that his previous behaviors were hurtful and that she didn’t deserve to be treated by the Legion member so poorly. Kara finally told Mon-El what he deserved to hear, and he apologized, even after Kara punched him while influenced by the psychic feeds.

We also got some awesome Demos and Winn time, as they grappled over who should be helping to track the Worldkillers.

It was absolutely heartwrenching to experience the parallels between Sam’s discovering the atrocities she committed unknowingly as Reign, and M’yrnn’s discovering how his prayers to hold onto the memories he possesses can affect many people around him.

giphy – TGON – Supergirl – The CW

But I will admit, the casual drop of the birds as Supergirl and Mon-El flew in to investigate was an awesome way to introduce Pestulence’s presence.

And I look forward to watching Lena’s strength as she fights to separate Sam from her Reign persona. Hopefully both women will be able to eat something and get rest in between!

*whispers into the void*

James and Kara had more chemistry than James and Lena.

That is all, by.


giphy – TGON – Supergirl – The CW