Securing a Victory Royale in every match in Fortnite is a dream for most players. While skill and strategy play a vital role, there’s more to it. Unbeknownst to most players, using certain cosmetic items can give them an edge in-game. Despite the benefits being trivial and situational at best, any advantage is still worthwhile gaining. This comes mostly from the cosmetics found in the Fortnite Item Shop.

The Fortnite Item Shop has something for everyone in terms of cosmetics. From Outfits to Pickaxes, players can find everything under one roof. Granted they have enough V-Bucks to purchase cosmetic items, there’s no shortage of things they can buy to gain a slight edge in-game. That said, here’s how the Fortnite Item Shop can provide an advantage to players on the battlefield.

The Fortnite Item Shop can help making securing a Victory Royale easier

1) Using Outfits that help you blend in with the environment

Certain Outfits stand out from the crowd and can be spotted from far away in-game. They usually have neon hues or are rather bright in nature. The color makes them stand out like a sore thumb. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are certain Outfits that blend seamlessly into the environment. They are difficult to spot in-game.

Outfits such as the Superheros have been known to give players an edge in combat by helping them stay hidden on the battlefield. The all-black or all-white Styles provide excellent camouflage and make it all but impossible to spot the player in an instant. If used correctly, this advantage can be leveraged to make it easier to win matches. These Outfits can be found in the Fortnite Item Shop from time to time.

Aside from being camouflaged or hidden in dark corners of the map or inside buildings, certain Outfits can also be used to hide in plain sight. A good example of this are Outfits that blend into snowy terrain. Those that have white/blue hues can blend into snow/ice terrain. This tactic has worked well during Winterfests and in the Snow/Ice biome present on the current island.

2) Using ‘sweaty’ Outfits to scare opponents

While Outfits are mostly cosmetic in nature, a few of them tend to have a psychological effect on opponents. Even if the player using the Outfit is a beginner, the cosmetic item may be enough to scare their opponents and cause them to flee. This has been witnessed in-game for years. Whenever players come across opponents using ‘sweaty’ Outfits, they tend to avoid them. 

Certain cosmetic combos will scare off the competition even before a shot if fired. As long as players can move and act as a ‘sweat,’ their opponent will think twice before engaging. While this will not be the prevalent scenario at all times, it’s always good to have a psychological edge in-game. A few good examples of such Outfits include Siren, Mogul Master, Blaze, and Aura.These Outfits can be purchased from the Fortnite Item Shop using V-Bucks.

3) Using Outfits that have small hit-box

Certain Fortnite Item Shop Outfits have a smaller hit-box than usual. Outfits like Aura are perhaps the best example. She has been the go-to Outfit for competitive players for years now. She’s so popular that Epic Games keeps giving her additional Styles over time. In battle, her small hit-box can be used to gain a direct competitive edge.

Due to her small frame, players can hide behind objects and structures with ease. This adds a layer of defensive dynamics that not every Outfit can take advantage of. While Outfits like Aura are harder to hit, they are not invincible or impervious to gunfire. Nevertheless, if used correctly in combat, they will make securing a Victory Royale much easier.