Who is bleeding? Why is Bonnie there? Who is she protecting? What happened at Oliver and Connor’s wedding? The wedding is about to happen soon. Gabriel has finally weaseled his way into going to the wedding using Michaela as his ticket. Wedding do bring out all kinds of feelings in people. The what ifs and the what could have been’s. Everyone is feeling it. Asher, Connor’s  mom, and even Connor’s dad. That is because he tried to break up Oliver and Connor, which lead to Connor cutting off his dad. Connor has changed and he is trying to make Oliver happy and give him his dream wedding.

Nate is still trying to figure out who killed his dad and Michaela is trying to help. By giving Nate a lead. But the wedding is hours from happening. Everyone is getting dressed and heading out. Not before Bonnie and Miller have a little fight about her always helping Annalise. Miller thinks Annalise manipulates and he doesn’t like it. Oliver and Connor are married. And the stage is set.

The show has finally caught up with itself. Everyone is there and having a good time at the wedding reception and Bonnie has a little moment but everyone seems to having a good time. Nate receives some news on who made the call about his dad. Annalise also gets some news of her own from Frank about Gabriel. She knows who Garbriel is now. Next we see Christopher sitting in the snow and crying and Miller struggling to breathe, covered in the blood and lying in the snow. Bonnie looks as though she was going to put an end to that. Last episode, she gave someone directions to someone but we don’t know who, but we know Miller was the one who is bleeding. But now that Nate knows because of his connections and he thinks Miller had his dad killed. He beats miller to a pulp. Bonnie finds Miller’s body and Nate freaking out.  Bonnie then takes charge. She finishes his life and tells Nate to take his body.

So, Gabriel is Sam’s kid. And he is here but for what? Quick recap, Connor and Oliver got married. Nate beat up Miller because he thinks that he had his dad killed along with the governor. Bonnie dealt the final blow to Miller and ended his life. Nate hid the evidence and hid the body. Michaela gave him the clue that lead him to this information. Now we move forward, no more flashbacks and wondering who was dying and why Bonnie was out there. Until next week.