Some of “Gratitude Box” rewards. Only one skin, mount and pet obtainable.

Despite my harsh remarks on Lost Ark last week, it is fair to say that there are many more positives to the game than there are negatives, and the problems are consistently being resolved. There are also a lot of things to look forward to for all levels of players in the game.

First and foremost, Smilegate and Amazon Games are adding events that allow players to get more honing materials for all levels of the game. This is to help address the issue of the game being pay-to-win, as most of these addition honing materials people were getting prior to the events were coming from the cash/crystal shop.

The event that has been active for a little over two weeks now is the Arkesia Grand Prix which can be accessed at every continent’s major city at the start of even hours in the day (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 am and pm). For this event, players are put onto a racetrack and transform into Naruni (little dinosaur-like creatures) and race through obstacles to the finish line. The reward is “Arkesia Event Coins” and can be exchanged for materials and other in-game rewards at a vendor near the event entrance. The race can only be done once daily per roster, but addition coins can be earned from doing daily Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids on each character.

An event that came out this week is the “Event Guardian Raids.” Instead of fight one guardian at a time, players face three different guardians at one time and must complete this in 20 minutes or less. This is affected by a mechanic known as the “Scale of Balance” so players of different tiers can play together for this event. Normally, different tiers are separated by continent and content. The reward for this is “Winter Illusion Tokens” and these can also be exchanged for additional honing materials. This can be done once per day per character.

Also. as of 3/24/2022, Lost Ark developers have gifted all players who log in to the game can received their free “Gratitude Box” from the in-game cash shop “Product Inventory.” This gift contains a character skin of your choice, a mokoko mount, a pet and many more honing materials for every tier. Please see what can be received in the picture at the top of the article.

Season one of PVP in Lost Ark started. This is not a huge priority on the majority of players things to-do, however, it gives honing materials, rare titles, and mounts if a players is consistent.

Before moving on the content we are still waiting for, I would like to take the time review the most recent addition of content, the Kadan questline and Argos raid. The Kadan questline is available to players in Tier 3 after completing the Punika questline. It is around a three-to-four-hour questline that takes players all around the world of Arkesia. However, Argos was the most highly anticipated content. The Argos Raid is unique in that is has three different phases with intermissions after the completion of each phase. Each new phase has higher item level requirements as well as additional boss mechanics that require more communication. Players can begin the Argos at 1370 ilvl but can only take on the final phase at ilvl 1400.

Finally, the exciting content that all players can access right from minute one of the game, new classes! Throughout the rest of 2022, new classes are going to be released in North America and Europe. Because class identity and the uniqueness of class and what they bring to the table, this addition to the game is big content update for each class released. With that being said, there are seven more classes being added to Lost ark in the upcoming months of 2022:

            Sub Class         (Main class)

  1. Lance Master (Martial Artists)
  2. Scouter (Gunner)
  3. Reaper (Assassin)
  4. Summoner (Mage)
  5. Arcana (Mage)
  6. Destroyer (Warrior)
  7. Artist (Specialist)

The Destroyer is likely to be the first new class to be released sometime in April with a new continent on Arkesia available to adventure, South Vern.