One of these guys is quick to get into his cosplay outfit. Legends of Tomorrow returns to the past but airs in the future. Confusing isn’t it?

Where’s Rip? That is the question of the year, no matter what year you are in. Rip as you likely know has been missing for awhile now, as we hit the tail end of the mid season finale we finally locate where Rip Hunter has ended up. Rip has landed somehow, in 1967 in the Los Angeles area. He appears to be a film director, and in the glimpse that we saw he was directing a film with superheros and someone was playing his character, or I should say what the audience knows as his character in this movie.

It is safe to guess that the Legion of Doom, with Malcolm Merliyn, Reverse Flash, and Darhk, will be hot on his trail to capture him soon enough. On the same token you know that the Legends of Tomorrow with the help of Gideon will be tracking him and would drop everything in an instant if they get an aberration lock on him.

The Legion of Doom completed the amulet with the three pieces that showed where the Spear of Destiny is, the Legion is going to go directly for it, but will the unknowingly also run into Rip Hunter?

The Spear of Destiny, for all those that are unsure, is a very powerful ancient artifact that can alter reality itself. But altering reality is something the Legends can already do, so what does this mean? Is anyone else confused the more you know? I certainly am which is why I can’t wait to see the Legends of Tomorrow make it’s return Tuesday January 24th at 9 pm after The Flash on the CW network.