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The Episode opens to Mags having a wild party for her birthday. Macy tells Mags that she got a job offer in Ann Arbor. Macy makes Maggie promise that she won’t tell their sister Mel about the job. As Maggie and Macy are at the party Mel is handling witchy business, such as taking reports from other witches about missing White Lighters. It is up to the sisters now since they are in charge because they stopped the apocalypse and defeated the source of all evil and stopped the Elders. Finally Mel joins the party.

The next morning the sisters are attacked by a magical ninja. They try to seal him out of the attic but he manages to break through even with Harry’s guidance. The Book of Shadows is demolished, a portal opens, Macy is shot with a dart and Harry is stabbed. Not the morning for slackers huh. The sisters find themselves in a room of some kind, somewhere and their powers stripped. Macy finds the dart tip in her leg.

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The sisters go through the door at the top of the stair to find Macy some help and are in Seattle. The wound on he leg already looks nasty. As they look around for help and a first aid kit, Macy begins to hear voices. Listening to the voice she goes on a walk about. When Mel and Maggie find her they find that the poison is spreading.

Macy continues to get worse and Mel and Maggie can’t figure out how to help her. They can’t read the Book of Shadows in the room. Somehow they open another portal. Now they are in Vermont. They find a symbol from the room they were last in and decide to seek help there. Instead of help they find a hanged woman. The place is a bed and breakfast that unfortunately has occupants currently. Not for long. The poison in Macy spreads quickly.

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The rats in this house are demons. When the first two are taken care of a third really, really big one emerges. They must find the portal. They finally find answers to what is going on, both with White Lighters and against the Sisters. What is going on? Tell me your guesses in the comments below. Til next week…

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