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     Holy Crap! I so did not expect this twist! Joe is looking for Chuy. Manny and Kai want to knock each other’s head off. Creek is dead. Patience is torn and Fiji went off the deep end.

     Last week we saw Joe and Walker kiss and more at the end of one of their hunts. Joe was torn up because he was hiding so much from Chuy. He tells Chuy that he is hunting again because he’s been hiding that from him too. Walker gets a hold of Joe to tell him he is gonna pick him up because he ‘s got a line on a specific demon. That’s when Chuy finds out that Joe has been doing more than hunting. Chuy goes after Walker and Joe tries to reason with Chuy while he’s in demon form. We pick up this week with Joe tracking Chuy in hopes of getting to him before Walker does. Walker is dead set on killing Chuy. Chuy has made the trail relatively easy as he has left bodies in his wake. Joe gets the jump on Walker before he finds Chuy. Now saddled with protecting Walker, Joe must find Chuy and try to talk him down.

     Creek is dead. He funeral was small and heartfelt. Unfortunately Joe missed it as did the Rev. Creek’s own father did even show. Noticeably absent also was Patience and Kai. Creek’s poor body was burned so it won’t be found. Manny is absolutely certain that it is Kai that killed he in retaliating for sleeping with his wife. Manny knows about Kai taking “monster powers” and hiding them away for safe keeping. He knows about the head in Kai’s office. He even has a picture of it so he can translate it. Syriac is apparently a pain to translate. Manny eventually does and contacts a dead relative to shed light on what is written on the beheaded face. What he is told he shares with the others and they know they must act quick.

     Fiji is gone wholeheartedly over to the dark side. The curse from her family is lifted from Bobo but the reason it is lifted breaks Bobo’s heart. Fiji is no longer a good witch and this episode shows that. She has no problem haring people or covering for someone who does. She even had an alter set up to honor her new lineage. She puts Bobo to sleep and opens up his bar. Bobo is pissed and heartbroken.

     What the Hell is going on in Midnight?Can it be stopped before this new dark enemy takes hold? Is everyone doomed to lose those they love? Watch this week’s episode and tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Till next week…