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The Flash Panel at SVCC

One of Silicon Valley Comic Con’s main attractions for the weekend was The Flash. On Sunday, we were very lucky to attend the The Flash panel with Tom Felton and Grant Gustin! This was Grant Gustin’s first convention and panel experience aside from San Diego Comic Con. They were absolutely delightful. We managed to record the entire panel which can be found below, but if you want the spark notes version here you go!

  • Grant Gustin made the mistake of walking on stage wearing a LA Dodgers Jersey in SF Giants Territory. He apologized and we will forgive him. ūüėČ
  • Grant refers to Flash fans as “TEAM FLASH” not Flashers.
  • Tom Felton was extremely nervous to start on The Flash because he didn’t know anything. Grant on the other hand freaked when he found out Tom Felton was coming on. He called everyone he knew to tell them, “We Got Draco Malfoy!”
  • Grant says The Flash suit makes him feel better than other outfit could.
  • Tom Cavanagh¬†and Grant are doing a project¬†together and need funding! You can fund it here!
  • They love when Tom Cavanagh¬†directs the show. Kevin Smith actually cried when he saw Grant in the suit the first time.
  • Grant admires Barry’s optimism and tries to weave it into his life. Tom Felton says he only likes how his character dresses.
  • Grant¬†and Tom have created the ship, “Barulian“. On Earth 5, Barry and Julian have their own relationship for 30 years with four kids. It’s like the Odd Couple. They completely ship it.
  • Tom is in awe of how many hours Grant¬†puts into his work and how he’s always optimistic. Then Tom got down on one knee and asked Grant “Will you take me back for Season 4?”
  • Grant is inspired by the crew on a daily basis by how hard they work.
  • Grant plays a lot of Playstation on his downtime. He usually plays sports games, but he recently has been playing all the Overwatch games. He’s just getting into first person shooters. He’s a homebody. Everything he needs to unwind is in his apartment.
  • Tom Felton enjoys playing his guitar and being outside. He does a lot of skateboarding.
  • Meeting strangers is something Tom actually enjoys doing. ¬†Tom was the one who convinced Grant¬†to come to¬†Silicon Valley Comic Con. Grant¬†is in awe of how some of these other celebrities do it weekend after weekend plus work.
  • Grant HATES karaoke. Red Red Wine is Tom Felton’s go to song. We tried to make him sing and he said NO!
  • If you could work with anyone live or dead who would it be? John Lennon for Tom Felton. Jason Mraz is Grant Gustin’s choice! They’ve decided The Flash needs a guitar player.
  • The Moderator asked if there was any good¬†advice they had been given. Tom Felton joked “Don’t take advice.” But then brought up a wonderful piece of advice that Tom Cavanagh¬†said to them, “Precede with gratitude”. Tom says if you do that to everything, you can’t go wrong.
  • Before The Flash, Grant hadn’t really done anything show wise. Even Glee was usually only two scenes here and there. He thinks The Flash has prepared himself for anything.
  • He finds that there are a lot of Glee fans that cross covered The Flash. Right now there are 5 to 6 Glee characters on The Flash or in the DC Universe.
  • Grant¬†has been teaching Tom the tap dance from the musical episode and even provided us with a demonstration.¬†There will be more musical episodes on The Flash. At first when people said it, he was like NO. He thought it was weird, but after doing it he says it’s entertaining. He’s hoping he can rope Jason Mraz in. ūüėČ
  • Grant Gustin’s crying face is natural. He says sometimes it just comes out and the Nora Allen story really hits him.
  • Grant tattoo is a combo of Superman, westside story, and tribute to his mom. “Superman, I love him” is the line he first line he had in a professional gig as Baby John in West Side Story. He has it written in her writing along with the Superman Logo in his mom’s writing.
  • Grant¬†wanted to be an architect as a kid because he thought he could actually draw, but now not so much.¬†Tom Felton wanted to be a fisherman as a kid. Seriously a professional sectional wrangler of fish! Don’t worry he is going to keep that on the back burner.
  • Tom Felton’s favorite thing about Wizard World is Butterbeer! He doesn’t get any discounts on Slytherin¬†merchandise. He jokes that he uses Draco’s “Five Finger Discount”
  • A tiny fan asked, “How fast can you really run?” Grant¬†says he’s not slow, but he actually doesn’t like running. The crew has yet to beat him in any race!
  • Every season it’s really hard to say goodbye to the entire team even though it’s only two months. They have spent 10 months out of the year together and some don’t return. Although, they say those two months of “freedom” are sweet.
  • Grant jokes that it’s in his contract not to race fans because it might hurt his image.
  • Grant says that there is a movie musical in the future for him! WHAT COULD IT BE???¬†He also wants to make his Broadway debut.
  • Grant¬†favorite scene shot from The Flash is the when Zoom is holding up Barry’s lifeless body. He said it was just really cool and scary.
  • A girl who was brave told him to sing Summer Nights. HE ACTUALLY SANG.
  • “Come Running Home to You” should be Barry and Iris’s theme in Grant mind.
  • Grant Gustin says the crossovers are the hardest part of the entire year. They are technically still shooting their episodes on top of 4 episodes of another show in one week. He says it is long days, but it has the biggest pay out. The fans LOVE it!

If you are intested in seeing the entire video here it is:

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