The Walking Dead was great this week, trust me on it, but it doesn’t really have a lot of talking points to go over. But we got to see the great Negan square up with the beast Beta.

Kelly is alone in the woods tracking something. We can tell that her hearing is awful and can’t get hear bearings straight, she is able to kill the boar but is over run by walkers pretty quickly. The boar is lost, and she has to run for her life, she ends up hurting herself and passing out. Later Connie, Magna and Daryl go out looking for her, they find Kelly, somehow not bitten, dead or hurt, she needs medical attention. Kelly asks Magna to tell everyone the truth, but Magna doesn’t want to tell Daryl because she doesn’t trust him, Magna and Kelly have been stealing all sorts of supplies from Hilltop, Daryl tells Magna that they take her in, and she steals from women and children and talks shit. Connie asks Daryl to say that they found the stash while they were out. Back at Hilltop Kelly apologizes again to making Daryl lie, he says he understands it since they are family, she tells Daryl that they are family.


Connie is pissed at her family. Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC The Walking Dead

Ezekiel has thyroid cancer, something that his family has had before. He has had it for a month and the lump is getting bigger. He knows that in the past that with radiation and chemo and such it was treatable but now it’s must harder. Siddiq, knows that it’s possible to do some alternative methods to help with Ezekiel. Ezekiel wants to try to tell Carol about it but he can’t.

Negan escaped, and annoying fan boy Brandon tracked him down, he also has Negan’s jacket, and made a makeshift Lucille. Negan and Brandon come across a mother and kid, Negan saves him, Brandon sounds like an annoying shit. Negan sends Brandon away, Negan tells the women and child he will get them to Hilltop safely but he can’t tell anyone about him. Brandon thinks it was a test and comes back and kills the women and child. Negan gets pissed and kills Brandon, takes his jacket and the makeshift Lucille and heads to the Whisper border. He yells to alert all the walkers and Whisperers. After bashing a number of walker skulls, Beta gets to Negan, and it is glorious.


Classic Negan! Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC The Walking Dead

Gamma is tainting the water supply with the help of Alpha by gutting walkers and having guts and blood poor out into the water stream. Aaron catches her and on the second walker, after Gamma freaks out and cuts her hand, he offers her a bandage for her hand. He tells her his name and such but she won’t respond. Gamma tells Alpha what happened, and Alpha says it’s OK the man with the iron hand might prove useful, and they might just have to use a different mask. In some radio transmissions back and forth with Hilltop and Alexandria we hear a throw away line that Rosita has caught a bug, I’m thinking this coming from the walker blood water supply!