Charlotte’s dead. Issac Pincher is dead. Nancy is hiding out. Ok, so I guess is Nancy and Isabella gone be a thing now, cause honestly that is all I got from that. I can already feel the difference in the chemistry of the show since Charlotte’s untimely death. Did Jessica Brown Findlay like make a rule to stay until the 3rd season of a show? Yes, I am still angered by that. So, now that Isaac is dead, Maggie has her sites set on Lucy and taking her back to America. Lucy ain’t trying to hear that though because she has a business now but don’t know who she is really doing business with.

Maggie gets jealous when she sees Will at Elizabeth’s house, then Jonas gets jealous of Maggie getting jealous. It’s a sticky situation, but she’s leaving for America so why the back and forth? Don’t forget Will is trying to find a way for Maggie to stay but they just end up fighting and breaking up. While Maggie is going behind Lucy’s back to try and get her to America. In the end Maggie goes back to America alone, but not before her and Will have a proper goodbye. Jonas seemed relieved as she barely makes to the boat on time after Quigley gives her up to the magistrate. But in an interesting turn of events she turns right around and saves her life. Has Quigley really changed? Maggie and Nancy have their final goodbye. This time before she leaves she says goodbye to everyone and leaves the house to Fanny.

Kate has found out who Lydia Quigley really is by the one who knows her best, Anne. Kate has changed a little bit towards Ole Quigley, but that silver tongued wanch is smooth with those words. But does Kate fall for it? Ha, ha nope! But then Quigley is back to her old tricks of learning privileged information and using it to get what she wants from whomever she needs to use. Kate still continues on with Quigley’s plan and goes on to meet the Prince again. She uses some new tricks Cherry taught and the Prince loves it. But them Harcourt threatens her and tells her what he wants to do so he can get what he wants. BTW her sex scenes with the Prince are horrible. Kate then ends up at the magistrate’s and what ends up happening is what I predicted in the beginning, that they would fall for each other.

Hal is a little off we learned that early on and now the rest of his marbles done rolled away. He learns his brother is dead. And Emily is telling on herself and getting blackmailed by her own employee. Emily tries to placate him but Hal is out for revenge. Emily tries to pawn her off on Greek St but that doesn’t go a planned either and she is sent right back. Hal then comes to the conclusion that Margaret Wells killed his brother, but it was Nancy. Hal tries to catch Maggie before she sets sail so he can kill her I guess. He doesn’t catch her and run into Will and the magistrate and he decides to let Maggie go. Hal is mad and he storms off with Emily following. Then Hal drops a bomb on Emily as she learns he is the one who actually killed her. She stuck though.

Aww Harriet’s in love and then her love in kidnapped. Lord Ledsom is jelly. But they don’t know that he took him yet. He was already acting cuckoo before and he just took it to level 10.  So once again, Will is captain save a hoe, lol, and takes up her cause once again. Now he is banging on her door like a mad man and she won’t open the door cause he’s a slave owner. But my thing is this she already slept with him, she can’t take it back and it is the era that they live in. If she would have just continued on like before nothing would have happened.

Elizabeth Harvey gets married unbeknownst to her, her new husband is in debt.  But she thinks she is going to use him. But when learns that Elizabeth has a partner, he flips out. After Lucy refuses, she learns the real truth of her situation. Then Salabat comes and cleans the house out. That is what her ass gets. Everyone tries to tell her about her choices but she is stubborn as a goat. Lucy is ungrateful as hell. She needs to be careful what she asks for. And just like that Charlotte disappears from the show completely. Did Lucy just form a partnership with Quigley.