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Don’t See Star Wars 9

A new Star Wars movie is almost upon us and I have a simple message for all the fans like me. Don’t go.

I, like a great number of other people, was repulsed by The Last Jedi. More so than any of the prequels or The Force Awakens, I got to watch my fondness for the franchise die in front of me. The entire point of the previous 35 years was ham handedly “subverted.” The saga of the previous movies were about the fall and rise again of both the Republic and the Jedi and all of that was thoroughly trashed. I got to see one of my childhood heroes a washed up, nepoticidal grumpy failure. Of course, these are not even true subversions, the overall structure and message of the flick is the same of hope and good overcoming evil. But it merely has to tear down what already was to replace it with its own inferior version. Those of you who share my opinion know what I felt and those who don’t it would be impossible to convince. If you are the latter, this article isn’t for you.

For those who are of a similar mind, unhappy with the state and direction of the franchise, I repeat my statement. Don’t go. If you are unhappy, this is the only way to make a corporation listen. Speak with your wallet. A million blog posts, tweets and YouTube videos won’t do anything. Not going and having underwhelming box office will. Solo already marked itself as the first Star Wars feature film to not make money so it is in no way impossible. Fans are the ones who go multiple times to showings, even on the same day. Fans are the ones who buy all the merchandise. You don’t have to see it opening day, you don’t even have to see it in theaters, if you are not happy do not give Disney your money.   


  1. I agree. I am not a diehard fan, but my friend was until the last few movies. He will probably go, but may wait until it’s past the time when DIsney gets the lion’s share of the ticket sale. What he doesn’t get is his diehard fandom is why Disney felt it was okay to do what they did with the franchise. He’s confident they have learned their lesson, but based on your comments, I am pretty sure he’s going to be disappointed.

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