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The four humans in The Good Place’s grand experiment have made good strides within the last few months. Eleanor, Tahani, Jason, Michael and Janet are well-pleased with their progress, going so far as to award themselves trophies for their good work.

But alas, the good vibes not only end, they implode. When the weakest link of the humans (Brent) writes a misogynistic, racist and utterly wretched book-and expects accolades! (“complos”)-Simone is unable to hold her tongue any longer. This is a solid A-plot for The Good Place; should a sensible society placate and coddle the dregs of its population or should the good people band together and teach the dregs a lesson with these hands?

With Chidi giving Brent the business with his hands, the experiment looks to be in a state of flux. The neighborhood gossip catches Jason (in his Jianyu persona) dancing it out and talking it up with Chidi…and threatens to spill the tea as a blind item. Simone seems to be the only one whose reaction was wholly justified to the situation.

Courtesy of NBC

As Michael tells the tale of woe to Bad Janet as she’s trapped in Janet’s void, something interesting happens: she actually listens. That’s not to say Bad Janet sympathizes with the team’s plight but something Michael says resonates with her.

As she waltzes out of the void (due to Michael’s generosity), we can see the wheels turning in Bad Janet’s head. The Good Place neighborhood might be getting some additional help soon.

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