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As much as 2016 has been an absolute DUMPSTER FIRE of a year, perhaps it was fitting that the season finale of “Drunk History” covered wacky events in historical lexicon, aka, sh*tshows. From the worst vaudeville act in history, to a riot over Shakespearean actors, to the bashing of disco, sh*tshows run the gamut from the truly bizarre to the crazily violent.


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*A live reenactment of the year 2016*

A brief synopsis:

-Narrator Jenny Slate always has her pooches with her and it’s adorable

-The Cherry sisters’ vaudeville act was ridiculously boring and dumb. 19th century audiences had 0 taste

-Jack McBrayer as a Shakespearean actor was fantastic. He’s a gifted physical comedian

-Had anyone heard of people dying in a brawl over Shakespeare? 30 people dead over the Bard…bananas

-Bob Odenkirk has now been on both sides of the “Drunk History” chair, as reenactor and narrator

-Colin Hanks is an unsung reenactor on the show; super versatile


*Me, on the dance floor, when disco starts*

And that’s all she wrote for “Drunk History” season 4. It’s been a great time…hope to see it back for season 5 (and you all too)!