The episode begins with a freshly painful reverie of a moment shared between John and Clarice two months previous.. The pair sharing an emotionally raw and intimate moment, where Blink opens up about her past, when she was at her lowest point, with the Brotherhood:

Clarice: I felt so trapped. I would lie there at night, and open a portal to the stars. And just wish that I was.. somewhere.. anywhere else. When things got really bad I used to think about portaling to nowhere. And just going. Being everywhere. In the spaces between everything.

Some of what she’s saying contains heavily implied suicidal thoughts, but philosophically free ones alongside them.

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The plan to take down government buildings and the near genocidal destruction that Reeva has planned comes to a head. Telling them that:

Reeva: Now it is perfectly clear to mutants and humans alike. That there is only one solution. Two nations divided. Ours and theirs.

The implied massacres that will be required in order to fulfil this dream are only alluded to. With Lorna seeming to be the only one hesitant to submit to this, though she reins most of that doubt and holds it internally.

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Lorna tries to convey the depth and intensity of what killing an entire building full of people will do to you, it doesn’t just sit well with you,

Lorna: if you do something like that, those scars stay with you.

Andy: I guess I’ll have a few scars then.

The male line of Struckers seem to be targeted this episode, slowly spiralling ..


Speaking of, Papa Strucker finally gets his hands dirty. Lauren’s speech in the last episode seem to have struck a cord, Reed stopped taking the medication, wanting to learn how to control the power instead of solely fearing them. Standing strong and facing them head on for a change, since his primary reaction has been running from them (metaphorically).

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The complex power relations between belief and fear are tested in this episode. Particularly interesting is a conversation between Lorna and Esme. [Esme and her sisters powers include mindcontrol, amongst other things..] The power balance that those in politics and positions of authority regularly balance this tightrope, manipulating your way into control, or earning it.

Esme: Once the situation gets bad enough, it’s our job to help people understand that a Mutant Homeland is the answer.

Lorna: You mean, force people to understand. Are you really okay with that? I’m just asking you, do you really think that we can ‘mindcontrol’ our way to a Mutant Homeland? Don’t we want people to believe..?

Esme: Maybe someday.

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Jace Turner seems to finally be having a crisis of conscience… realizing that Benedict Ryan, either manipulated and lied to him, or was himself misinformed about the reality of what was going on down there in the sewers. The symbol of the child’s teddy-bear has knitted itself into his mind with strong talons that look unlikely to let go. Through some research he sees first hand that there were without doubt young children living and trying to survive there.



The whole series so far has been building its grand narrative arc throughout and we finally witness the prodigal sons return, the coup de gras, and damn is it emotional.

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The entire series and in particular the divide and current us Vs. them mentality within it, is again commenting on segregation, discrimination, injustice. This comments on today’s ever-present xenophobic, ignorant population that feel that anything different or foreign should stay where it is, away from them. Dividing is not the answer, its not even a band-aid for a bullet wound, its an infection. The cure? That the series is pushing for, acculturation.