Charlotte is gone and everyone is affected but life in 1700 London goes on. But not for all. Not for Maggie. But how much can she do, being dead and all. And she wants revenge for the ones who murdered Charlotte. How many more episodes will her character play in, is all I can really think about. While she is seeking Charlotte’s murders, Will is trying to find a way to have Maggie pardoned so she can stay in London. However, Maggie is conflicted by leaving to stay alive and getting revenge. Now, if there is any other way to make the Pincher brothers less likable then the writers of Harlots have done it. Thanks to Emily and her schemes they are blackmailing Jonas into selling his land to them. Now, remember last episode that after finding out what Isaac did to Greek Street, Jonas backed out of the deal. Hal is trying to salvage it by using any means to get him to sell the land.

New conflicts begin to arise. Quigley knows about Maggie and has just let on to Lucy that she knows. Harriett is falling for Jack, it looks like against her better judgement. She seems to have finally gotten over Will. I still don’t like her character, after she did what she did to Maggie after Maggie took her in. But she seems to have humbled herself just a tad bit. Jack, however, does not like that she is sleeping with other men. Will gives him some advice on how to handle it, but he seems to have his own agenda when it comes to Harriet. It makes me wonder though, what happened to Nell and the other black guy she was supposed to building her bawdy house with. Instead we have a whole new set of characters that the show is trying to make relevant. In the end Harriett falls for Jack and ends up breaking things off with Lord Ledsum because his wife told Harriett that he owns slaves. But I think it mainly has to do with her falling in love with Jack. And there lies a new problem.

Lucy is also having troubles. She found out that Quigley has a stake in her house and Elizabeth Harvey thinks all is well because May died. But if we know anything about Quigley she knows how to worm her way out and into anything that she wants. What does she do? Of course harass Lucy and got to Harcourt to rekindle their relationship. When she goes to try and make things right with him, he pawns Anne off on her. Now that Anne has had the baby, he wants nothing more to do with her. In return, he will allow Kate to have another meeting with the prince. Kate is no where to be seen so far this episode but when Maggie comes to pay a visit, Kate sticks up for her. But Maggie places doubt in her heart. Once Anne arrives at the house, she gets an earful about just what type of woman her new mother is. You can see they subtle shift in trust that she has for Quigley, but she remains to claim her prize which is the Prince.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Emily’s plans are sort of backfiring in her face, but she is still trying to hang onto her dream of having something. But it is all crumbling down around her when she comes to Greek Street looking for help. But she finds none, and has to go back to Hal. Isaac doesn’t like Emily and wants Hal to leave her alone. But he will not do what Isaac wants him too and Hal insists on cutting Emily in on the deal. Nancy is dealing with her own demons as well. It seems like she is taking Charlotte’s death extremely hard. And her relationship with Maggie has changed and she just seems tired.

Well, much to no one’s surprise, least of all mine, Isaac makes a deal with Emily to go away. He will pay her to get lost and she is seriously considering it especially since she thinks Hal has turned on her. She tells Nancy and Maggie about the deal and they decide to go down there with them. But things do no go as planned. They get into an argument down by the docks and Nancy kills Isaac. They three have to rush away from the docks but Emily is seen by her nemesis, unknowingly. While Isaac is betraying his brother, Hal is selling the land he purchased from Jonas. He has no idea that Isaac is trying to buy Emily off. All he is thinking about is the money he will make off the sell.

There seems to be something brewing between Elizabeth and Will, but I guess that relationship will depend on whether or not Maggie stays in London. But Elizabeth ahs a few demons of her own and she is not exactly forthright in telling anyone. We know that she is set to marry someone who has a lot of debt. She put her ex husband in debtors jail, which he comes to collect his dues. She thinks that with the death of May they will be free of Quigley, but Quigley always wins. Now that Kate has bagged her Prince she must feel as though she is untouchable once again.

The whole chemistry of the show has changed now. It seems like they are trying to fill Charlotte’s loss with a bunch of smaller events happening in the background. The main story was getting back at Quigley but the show should have been called Lydia Quigley because she does not  lose for very long. And she has so much leverage on almost all the characters in Harlots. Even when they get a little ahead, they fall ten times harder and Quigley just keeps winning. But the real question remains, has she truly changed. I guess we will soon find out. Oh and you are gonna have to watch this episode, because while I spoke about the meat and potatoes of the show they small stories in the background just weren’t worth mentioning to me.