In Canada, online gambling and gaming are hugely popular pastimes. Because the number of people wanting to play games is so high, a great number of different options have emerged in the North American country. Since moving online, the classic card game has undergone many changes as well. There are still ways to play blackjack in its traditional form, but there are also new and innovative options in the iGaming scene. Here we examine some of the best online casino sites, and what the options are for players.

What are the Best Online Blackjack Sites to Play at?

Because there is such a big market for blackjack in Canada, specialist sites are required to help players sift through the best deals available. It is a game full of fun and excitement, and online operators want to convey this to their players. This is why certain sites advertise their blackjack offerings as a way to entice players to the site. Review sites also point out when casinos are offering varied ways to play the game. Rizk casino, for instance, boasts a full suite of live blackjack games. These games feature live links to real tables operated by dealers. This helps players to feel as though they are playing in an actual casino. Other sites such as Wild Jackpots and Royal Vegas are lauded for their wide blackjack selections.

What Are the Available Blackjack Variants?

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As noted above, a lot of online casinos in Canada pride themselves on offering live blackjack variations with real dealers. But there are numerous other ways to play for people who want to mix things up a bit. To attract younger players who like diversity, developers have come up with some innovative ideas for the game.

Some of the virtual blackjack games available online include Atlantic City Blackjack, Classic Blackjack Gold Series, and Vegas Strip Gold Series. Each of these games features fairly traditional blackjack gameplay in which players have to beat the dealer and try to get as close to 21 as possible. A more modern version of the game is Blackjack Switch, which aims to up the excitement levels by allowing players to play with two hands simultaneously. To make it even more thrilling, players can swap their top two cards to make optimal hands. In this variant, the dealer always hits on a soft 17. This kind of innovation has been seen in the mobile gaming industry as well, with games like Dunk Shot and Bouncy Basketball making basketball more accessible to casual players and fans.

Double Exposure Blackjack is another new blackjack offering for internet players. In this version, all the cards are dealt face up so players can always see what the dealer has. This gives the player a serious advantage, so the rules have been tweaked slightly. For example, the dealer wins all ties and there is an even money payout for blackjack.

What Other Games Would Appeal to Blackjack Players?

A number of other games have cropped up at online casinos which would appeal to blackjack players because they have similarities with the classic game. Video poker, for instance, is enjoyed by card game fans. It shares some features of traditional table poker but involves a greater element of chance. This has also undergone certain innovations in the internet age, and now there are new variants like 3 Card Poker with multiple hands.

Canadian blackjack players are spoilt for choice with the number of places to play and variants of the game on offer. For this reason, when selecting a game it is best to use review sites and search for the online casino with the best welcome deals and promotions.