With Halloween just hours away in real life, it only fits that climax of AHS 1984 would occur on Halloween as well. With several different side quests happening at once, I think it’s important to recap what we already know before we dive into the next episode. Without further ado, let’s get into some spoilers!


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Our episode began, a year in the future, with a lovely family of four attempting to sleep in a motel room before their big day at Disneyland. However, Billy Idol was blasting the airwaves, and the matriarch of the family was unable to sleep. She went to confront the noisy neighbors and came face-to-face with the Nightstalker himself. Mr. Jingles quickly ended what would have been an aggressive murder, seemingly sick of the Nightstalker’s antics. This is where we saw a bit of foreshadowing because the Nightstalker was quick to tell Mr. Jingles there will be hell to pay if he broke his deal with the devil.


The next morning, Mr. Jingles and the Nightstalker went to a gas station for some brew. It was here that Mr. Jingles saw a newspaper article depicting the evil deeds of the Nightstalker. He quickly passed the newspaper to a bystander, and once the Nightstalker left the establishment, all hell broke loose. A seemingly endless sea of individuals brought their wrath down upon the man that terrorized their beloved city. As the Nightstalker got his face damaged, Mr. Jingles drove away.

Montana, Xavier, and Ray

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Panning back to Camp Redwood, a man was camping with his girlfriend. He decided to get some nature shots on his camera when he ran into a blonde punk-rock bombshell, AKA Montana. She seduced then stabbed the man as Xavier apparated next to her. The two are now the dead version of Bonnie and Clyde, killing for sport and making Ray clean up after them. After scouring their camp for some new duds, Ray found a newspaper stating that Brooke was convicted of murder. In an attempt to save his new beau, he talked to the camper’s girlfriend. That is until Xavier killed her too.


Margaret Booth came onto the scene in a flashy commercial explaining her real estate company. Her beehive hairdo and expensive clothing masked her dastardly intent. She now buys and renovates sites connected to brutal murders. However, she doesn’t work alone, and her dear husband, Trent, stands by her side. That’s right folks, Trent is alive but was forced into marrying Margaret so he couldn’t tell the world what happened at Camp Redwood. She got wind of the fact that murders are still occurring at her old stomping grounds and planned a music festival for Halloween night. She gave a press conference on-site and the ghosts began planning their revenge.


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Brooke was sentenced to death for the murders at Camp Redwood. She was given a new cell on death row, and as she was escorted in, came face-to-face with the Nightstalker. He attempted to bring her to the dark side, but she stuck to her guns. Ready for the release of death, she was injected with the concoction while people looked on. It appeared that she was dead; however, after her body was brought to the inhouse morgue, she was resuscitated by Donna. As this was occurring, the Nightstalker prayed to Satan, who, in turn, released him from prison to seek revenge on Mr. Jingles and Camp Redwood.


Finally, Mr. Jingles was living a happy life with his wife. She knew about his past and accepted him for the man he was. The pair had a handsome son, and Mr. Jingles had a steady job at a VHS rental store. They heard about the Camp Redwood music festival, and Mr. Jingles announced he was finally over it. One night he came home late from work to find his wife murdered by the Nightstalker, but thankfully his son was unharmed. He took his baby to his sister-in-law’s home and decided it was time to finish what he started.