Can you believe that the mid season finale is already upon us? Fear the Walking Dead is going to double up on episodes in one night, we all remember what happened the last time they pulled this, I wonder if we will see that again. But we recap the events leading up to the mid season finale.

Nick and Jeremiah are working on Nick’s shooting skills with his new gun in the field. They see the returning search party walking back very slowly, the pair, along with what appears to be the rest of the ranch runs to the gate to greet them. Troy wants to debrief on what happened on the recon mission with his dad in private, but Mike’s father wanted it to be shared with everyone, and Mike just finally started talking that it was Walker and the Indians who killed everyone, and if they stay at the ranch the same things will happen to them. Troy tells Mike to keep his mouth shut but the the fear has already been put in the public. Jeremiah, Troy and Jake have another meeting later, as expected they all can’t agree, Troy wants to go on the offense and take the fight to Walker, Jeremiah says that will just be an ambush. Jake thinks he can talk with Walker and come to an agreement. Madison came in and during the conversation backed what Troy was saying about the mission to Jeremiah who had his doubts. Jeremiah though is staying firm to the belief that the Indians are not at all a threat, but Madison tells him from what she saw that they are something to be feared.

Back at Madison’s family room the kids work on her ugly mangled feet. Madison notices that the bed Luciana used to be on was kept perfectly clean and she is nowhere to be seen. Nick notices that Madison has figured it out and she admits that she left to go to Mexi-Cali to find some of her family and it’s OK because she is strong. Madison tells Nick he will be OK because he is also strong.


Alicia gets some practice time in to master Jake’s other gun. Photo Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Jake is out practicing at the range, Alicia comes up to him and talks about what’s going on, how in her mind that he needs to be the next leader of this place, if and when something happens to Jeremiah, and not his brother Troy. Alicia gets some gun training with Jake, as they are bonding and as she is starting to learn some new skills. While she is out, Gretchen is looking for her but only Madison is at their place. Madison asks Gretchen to come in and talk, she says that her brother said Madison saved him, that you saved all of them. He is scared, they are all scared, even her father, who was one of the original 4 founding fathers is scared and doesn’t think this place is safe. He wants to take the family and leave to Colorado to a colony he heard is safe in part because of the elevation. He has not at all been shy to tell anyone and everyone that will listen about his displeasure because as a founding father he feels responsible.

That night, Walker and his team try to smoke everyone out of the ranch. They surrounded the area from the hill elevation, and list around 20 controlled fires. It was a two fold operation, one to show the capabilities they could do, and in turn how easily that place could have been lost, but Walker and his group want to keep the land so it was used as a scare tactic. In the morning the ranch is fine as all of the fires have been put out since they were contained by Walker’s people with a rock barrier, Jeremiah still doesn’t find Walker and his group to be a threat and says that’s why they do shit like this. To just try to scare people away they won’t fight.

Vernon and his family have gathered all their equipment, food, and gas and are leaving, Jeremiah doesn’t care at all and says if they want to leave they can just leave. Troy isn’t going to let them leave that easily so he chases them down the road and stops them at the gate. He wants Mike to look at him and talk to him, Vernon and Mike refuse to even look his direction, Troy wants an inventory list of what they took, Jake comes and says to leave them alone, dad said they could leave, the brothers end up in a pushing match until Jeremiah comes and cold cocks Troy to the shock of everyone. Vernon and family leave.

At the bunker, Madison finds Troy with the weapons cache, Madison tells Troy that his job is to make sure that nobody else leaves. They don’t understand how dangerous the world is outside of the ranch anymore like they do. Troy agrees and it looks like he already called a meeting with all his soldiers. Troy tells his group, not asking them, that they have to lead by example for this place, they have to protect everyone or they will all surely die. Meanwhile, after punching his son in the face, Jeremiah is at Nick’s new home, and he is druuuuuuuuuunk. He tells Nick he has been drinking for 3 hours as he takes another swig of whisky. Nick has stayed true to his sobriety and doesn’t want to drink any of the alcohol, since Jeremiah is wasted Nick tells him he can spend the night. Jeremiah explains why he brought a table into the room and what it symbolizes, the table was put into a sacred spot, it as where the 4 founding fathers sat and came up with everything for this place. Now 2 of them are dead and the third person is dead to him as he flips over the table, grabs Nick’s gun and shoots it 3 times. All I know, is if I find out what Jeremiah was drinking I don’t want it.

At Madison and Alicia’s room, Alicia comes in very late, Madison is awake and they talk about where she was. Not at bible study but with Jake, Madison asks about birth control and Alicia tells her where it is. They talk about if it’s love or not, Madison just wants her daughter to be careful but doesn’t seem upset that she is spending time with Jake. The next day, Jake has been gathering some supplies as he plans to be proactive and go to Walker to try to have a civil conversation with him. Alicia doesn’t want Jake to go by himself as it is unsafe, so she packs up to follow even though she doesn’t want to go out.

Madison, Nick and Jeremiah go out as one of the horses from Vernon’s family made it back to the ranch in the stable. Jeremiah knows that must mean bad news so they go out to see what happened. They follow the trail and find the vehicle and the horse trailer, everything is shot up bad, the parents are dead inside the vehicle, Mike was drug out behind and shot to death, while they found walker Gretchen inside the horse trailer eating a horse along with other walkers. Jeremiah had a hard harsh realization, that his son did this and not Walker, deep down he knew his son was capable of this, but didn’t want to face it. The three of them gather the bodies and drive back to the ranch. When they arrive a lot of the towns members are waiting for them. Madison takes the lead on talking to the townsfolk, in a very “Governor” way from the main show. She says it was Walker’s people, and they are a major threat, this is the type of things that will happen to them if they leave, they will get picked off and die, but what they really need to do is to stay and fight. Nick looks at his mom with a, ‘say what’ attitude, you can tell that wasn’t something that was previously discussed. How does this rally the locals leading into the mid season finale?