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“Into the Badlands” -‘Black Wind Howls’ Review

Pilgrim from #IntoTheBadlands decides the fate of his followers...and they are powerless to stop him.
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The improbable friendship between Sunny and Bajie takes them to an international destination in last week’s “Into the Badlands.” In a lawless bazaar/marketplace, Bajie enlists the assistance of his smuggler acquaintance Lily to get Sunny and Henry to safe passage to Pilgrim. His acquaintance whom happens to be his ex-wife. In typical Bajie fashion, he picks a fight, manages to employ some deadly hand-to-hand combat on multiple people and use sea urchins as a pincushion to someone’s face and an octopus as nunchuks. Yes, that’s right folks: an octopus as nunchuks.

In The Widow’s territory, Odessa continually denigrates the work Lydia is trying to build while simultaneously guilt-tripping Tilda. Lydia and Tilda see big picture: the poppy fields will require farmers and builders. That’s how they’ll change the Badlands system of barons, regents, clippers and cogs. Odessa either doesn’t see the vision or doesn’t care. When Tilda emphatically states that she won’t turn her back on the refugees, she condescendingly mocks her with “But you’d turn your back on me?” It’s childish and petty and when she walks out of Tilda’s room, it feels like she’s walking out of her life (good riddance, *Not. Sorry*).

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In Pilgrim’s camp, there is disloyalty and dissension in the ranks. When priestess Cressida admits she gave Castor the choice to fulfill his destiny as a warrior, Pilgrim threatens her. It’s a fissure in the foundation, one that a cunning leader could potentially take advantage of (looking at you Minerva).

Also on the untrustworthy meter, Bajie’s ex-wife Lily. She tells Sunny about her tale of woe: being second mate on a pirate barge. Meeting Bajie. Falling in love (lust?) with Bajie. Saving money to buy a boat with Bajie. Being abandoned by Bajie on his quest to find Azra. She’s bitter. She’s angry. She’s a woman who knows what type of person he is. And she warns Sunny off of him.

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In an interesting turn of events, Tilda makes peace with Minerva. Becoming an ally in her war against Baron Chau, Tilda warns Minerva that she’s not her Regent and she’s definitely not her daughter. It’s a business and tactical arrangement. Nothing more.

In the security of Minerva’s home, Regent Moon uses a wicked form of acupuncture to ensure Castor isn’t able to access the Dark Force. Even bound and pinned, the boy shows remarkable loyalty. In a parley between Pilgrim, Cressida and Minerva, tense words are exchanged but a tentative peace holds. When Pilgrim asks if Minerva would humble herself before him, she responds with “As for humbling myself before you, or any man, I’ll let you guess how likely that is.” Tentative peace remember.

Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC

Back on the boat, in the middle of the night, Sunny and Bajie run into trouble when the River King and his mercenaries board the tug. Finding Lily has sold them out in order to cover her debts, Sunny and Bajie do what they do best: strike. Because they’re BAMFs, the dynamic duo manages to dispatch all of the mercenaries and get a subdued River King to take them to Pilgrim.

The angtsy teen crew (Castor, MK and Nix) are at odds in Pilgrim’s home. Not only due to Castor’s illness but his jealousy when MK defends Nix from his vitriol. Their sniping is put at an end by an appearance from Pilgrim and he eases Castor’s guilt over his disbelief. Hugging his adopted son, he snaps his neck and bades him to meet them in the halls of Azra.

You can catch Into the Badlands Sundays at 7PM on AMC

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