Our favorite Los Angeles fireman is back to work. In a different capacity but he is working nevertheless. He is the fire marshal and we begin the show with him evaluating the 118 on the job they are doing. Some people end up getting hurt while evacuation the 35 story building because of a fake fire. The 118 runs into a lawyer trying to get business while they are rescuing people. Buck seems like he is pretty happy especially after the tragic “tsunami” that hit LA. Until he gives the 118 their report and finds out that Bosko has taken his place and his locker while he is busy being fire marshal. Instantly he changes and feels like he is being replaced by a newcomer cause he is not allowed to be in the field. Bobby tries to reassure him but Buck feels betrayed.

Life continues, Hen and her wife are discussing having other children and the effect that it will have on Denny. But Athena tries to assure them and let them know that they will be ok and so will Denny. That not matter what siblings fight and its normal. But it seems to me that they are having second thoughts. Maddie and Chim are continuing their relationship as best they could but Maddie is traumatized. Question is, is she too traumatized to continue being with Chim? I guess we will find out, especially since she seems to be reliving the trauma that Doug caused her. She dropped a plate and was triggered and runs away from Chim in the process. At work, she gets a domestic violence call but she ends up not being able to help the woman and that is further stress on her.

The lawyer from the beginning pops up again and he has gotten his clients. They intend to sue the city and the firefighters for being injured during the evacuation. The lawyer is also trying to recruit Buck to join in on the suit and defends his crew even after learning he was replaced. Of course we can’t forget that this is a show and there hasn’t been a heroic rescue yet. But they manage to fit one in of a mom driving her boys somewhere and they basically fall off a cliff. But of course even after sliding down the cliff more, they are all saved with the help of the 118. Bosko and Chim complete the daring rescue and fulfill their promise. The team watches the suv tumble the rest of the way down the cliff.

Maddie is on some other level. She has Athena checking into a caller who is abusing his wife or so she thinks. She is now stalking him. What exactly does she think that she can do? She seems like she will run the guy down but she swerves at the last minute. Is she going to be a vigilante now, taking down all men who abuse their women. But instead Maddie decides to go to gym and work out and runs into a trainer but the trainer is the lady who called 9-1-1 to get help. I think it is kind of creepy that Maddie is doing this and emersing herself into this woman’s life. To what end? Is she going to help the woman? Will the woman feel bothered by Maddie coming into her life when she finds out the truth. And what does this mean for her and Chim. Maddie lies about what happened at dinner when Chim comes to visit her and talk about the incident. Chim opens up a little bit to Maddie, and tries to get her to open up to him about what’s going on. I feel like she just tries to pacify him and make him feel better. But I guess we shall see what her plan is.

Athena invites Buck over for dinner to help mend things between Buck and Bobby, but Bobby has some news for Buck. He tells them all about the lawsuit and how he is family and they have his back too. Bobby tells Buck that he is the one who feels he isn’t ready to come back and Buck is shocked. Buck gets upset that Bobby is the one keeping him from returning to work and he leaves the dinner. Bobby and Athena try to stop him from leaving and but Buck just feels like he has been stabbed in the back by the only family he knows. Buck then goes back to the lawyer because he decides to sue the city to get his job back. Which includes Bobby. Is it really a betrayal especially since we saw how even just a small cut can cause him to bleed to death.

Bosko (Ronda Rousey) and Eddie seem to be getting closer sharing their feelings and working together. He is confiding in her like he used to do with Buck, but no one is aware of what Buck is doing behind the scenes. Insert another emergency. This time we have a woman’s hand swelling up from putting on a ring that was left to them by their mother who passed away. The only way to get the finger off is to cut the ring. But the woman’s sister doesn’t want to do that because she sold the ring. Hen gets another dose of sibling rivalry and decides to cut the ring in half to get them to share. Back at home Hen and her wife a heart to heart about wanting more children. The past seems to be affecting everyone in some way. In the end they decide that having more kids will be beneficial.

The ending of the show begins with Christopher and Eddie finally having a heart to heart and he realizes that Chris has been dreaming about his mother. Two tragedies have affected him and he is trying to be strong for his dad. But Eddie reassures him and tells him its ok to be sad. But drops a bombshell on Bobby. Bobby learns that Buck is suing to get his job and he wanted Bobby to hear it from him and no one else. Bobby is shocked and doesn’t say much and Buck just leaves. But once again he was working as a fire marshal so how does that even work out. He may not be able to return to the field for awhile but he is till working in the capacity. To me it doesn’t make sense but we will have to wait to see what will happen.