Today is take your daddy to work day. Who knew? Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Thea is still trapped under ground thanks to her dad. It reminds me of under the dome in a way. Sort of annoying really. Malcolm explains to Thea that he heard of what Darhk’s plan is, and realized that the best place to be was under the dome to protect her from Genesis, and the best way to do that was to brainwash her new boyfriend. Thea’s boyfriend got brainwashed big time. Speaking of relationship problems, Donna was snooping through Detectives Lance’s stuff and saw some paper work about getting his badge back, and having to create a small white lie to do it. She felt that it was OK to snoop through his stuff, and essentially demand that he tell what she says as the truth knowing it could cost him getting his job back.

All sides are after the calculator. Darhk wants to take him off the board so he can’t try to diffuse his plan, Arrow and company want to use his help to stop the plan from Darhk. After an escape Darhk’s henchman find the calculator at his cabin, Arrow is able to stop the attack before his death, Felicity picks him up and they all head back to the hideout. They tell the Calculator they have 12 hours to stop it. The Calculator and Felicity run some diagnostics and the Calculator says that he will need a super processor that Palmer Technologies has been working on. Felicity is afraid her father is in it for a slow play double cross, but realizes that it is possibly the only chance to truly stop Darhk from launching all the worlds nukes.

Felicity is fired from Palmer Technologies she kept pushing off the board, and doing her job, she is escorted out immediately before she can get the processor. Felicity, Calculator, and Arrow go to break into Palmer tech, with Diggle at the base as the eyes. After some Scooby Doo close calls they finally get the technology back to the base. Arrow had to fight some guards for some good fun.

Back underground, we have another return from a villain, one of my favorites, and someone who had a feud with Thea.

I admit I don’t quite know how, but Anarky was able to track Darhk to this under ground bubble, and found his way in. He was going to try to blow up the central power source, but Malcolm of all people was able to see past the diversion and was able to stop the explosives. Anarky knocks out Thea’s boyfriend, and this upsets Thea and they fight again outside even though Thea was originally trying to help him. Back on the computers, Felicity and the Calculator are able to over ride and stop the launch of all nukes besides one. From around Russia, is making it’s way towards Monument Point. Being a major hub it would wipe out millions and millions of people. Felicity tries to divert the missile to another destination in time but can’t make that a reality. Her and the Calculator recall of a time that she moved the GPS satellites in the past and had everything show up as if it was 20 miles away. So she goes to work in setting off the GPS course, she is able to do it, as it is now diverted to Heaven Rock. The nuke hit’s Heaven Rock, wiping out what is called maximum yield, in the tens of thoughts of casualties. Even though Felicity saved many many lives, she is shook up that they couldn’t prevent any casualties .During all the commotion up above, Arrow and Diggle were able to get into Darhk’s bubble town. After fighting the way through town, they finally approach Darhk in his chamber, but they see that he has spells and magic whipped up all around him and said “it’s” to late. Check back next week as we see how Felicity copes with all the deaths.

Is Diggle and Arrow able to stop the latest plan from Darhk?

IS Darhk now to powerful?

Stay tuned next week.