In the fifth episode of the season, the lines between the Wolf and Murphy blur when a leaker blows Murphy’s biggest story of the season and hands it over to their loathsome competition. As the going gets tough Murphy and Frank strain their friendship with accusations of responsibility for the recent leak.

Corky and Murphy discover that Frank spent the night with a mystery woman after he appears on air in day-old clothes with a tell-tale humus stain and an unbreakable smile. When they question him about his new love affair he clams up, reminding Murphy of the women she had frightened off in the past with her larger-than-life personality. Her no-nonsense attitude comes up again when Pat tries to solve her secretary issue by giving her one that can never be run down – a smart assistant speaker called VAL (Voice Activated . . . .something).

As all of this takes place it’s revealed that Murphy is sitting on a huge story – she’s been courting a whistle-blower from an opiate manufacturer willing to deliver the goods on corporate intent to get Americans addicted to opiates for profit. Though Murphy wants to bring him in now, Miles insists on getting approval from legal and reminds the group of the need for absolute secrecy so that another network doesn’t get the scoop (foreshadowing!). 

Avery drops into Phil’s that day with gossip and reveals that Frank is sleeping with a Wolf Network anchor who would kill to get the drop on their opiate whistle-blower. When Miles drops that there is a big story in the works to Avery, Murphy throws him off the trail with one of the greatest Mom tricks I have ever seen on television – she leads Avery to believe that Murphy in the Morning has a copy of THE PEE TAPE. Yeah. That one. Avery naturally spends the rest of the episode trying to find his media pot OF GOLD (I’ll see myself out) and is disappointed to find later that there was never a tape to be found.

In the final ten minutes it all happens: The Wolf Network scoops the story and Murphy and Frank accuse one another of being vulnerable to Wolf through connections to Avery and Christy. Though both insist they are invulnerable Frank challenges Christy and gets dumped while Murphy challenges Avery and gets a laugh and a hug. In the end the gang discovers that the robots are against us (!) and that Julius the stage manager is the most delightful character on the show this season.