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The Good Place – ‘Chillaxing’ Recap

Death is a-knocking on #TheGoodPlace.
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With faith in Eleanor as the architect restored, the lovable dorks of the Neighborhood set out to get their human experiments back on track.

Never one lacking confidence, Tahani takes on gabby John, someone who happened to torment her while they were both alive (courtesy of his blog). John isn’t a terrible-awful-horrible sort but he is an incorrigible gossip. While Tahani tries to refocus his attention to self-realization and betterment, he only seeks more of her help for spa days. It’s only through Janet’s advice to be direct does Tahani have an actual breakthrough with John. He responds to her candor with a promise to be better and do better; it’s the best scenario she could hope for.

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As for Eleanor and Michael, they enlist the help of an unlikely person to assist with Chidi: Jason. While slipping back into his former Jianyu the monk persona, the team found that Chidi was unfocused and unwilling to push his neighbors to be better people. Eleanor-who knows how her man operates-instructs Jason to confess his true identity to Chidi. What follows is exactly what Eleanor predicted: a worried, anxious and harried ethics professor. Chidi is nothing if not predictable and he rises to the occasion once his anxiety is on red alert.

Courtesy of NBC

Thinking they’re in the clear, Eleanor. Michael, Jason and Tahani finally celebrate some success in the experiment. And all the while a hooded and cloaked figure in black makes its way swiftly toward them. The Grim Reaper has made its presence known.

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