Louise, easily one of the fandom’s favorites for her unusual behavior considering her age. Whether shes calling in a favor from a dangerous biker gang to cut off a bully’s ear or making plans to escape a tooth filling by fleeing to Cuba, Louise Belcher is the most savvy in her family.

Bobs Burgers (Fresh Princ-ipal 1)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

Louise had won the honorary title of “Principal for a Day” by selling a lot of chocolate. Unfortunately for her, the role did not entail what she had been hoping due to her tasks all being simple and boring. Most kids would have taken it for what it was intended but not our Louise as she soon takes complete control of the school and starts to enact multiple new rules/ regulations.

Everyone within the school (minus Mr. Frond) is enjoying the changes Louise brings despite one guidance counselor trying to stop her. In an unforeseen plot twist, that day happened to be the one where the actual principal planned to have Mr. Frond fired in favor of a brother in law, Don. Despite her dislike for Mr. Frond, Louise spent her last moments helping him get his job back by getting rid of Don.

Bobs Burgers (Fresh Princ-ipal 2)

Photo Source: FOX – Bob’s Burgers

While Louise was off enjoying her day as principal, Bob and Linda had to manage a small crisis at the restaurant. Most of you out there are probably familiar with the phenomenon where when you know you are observed you proceed to act differently. Teddy made a few comments on Bob’s burger flipping technique which eventually lead to him being unable to flip any properly. The characters referred to it as yips but we though it was similar to the observer affect. The three continue to try and help Bob until Teddy, being the cause, finds the solution and it was a little…unsanitary. It was an interesting and unique enough solution that it will probably be remembered for a decent amount of time within the fandom.

This was probably one of the most relate-able episodes in the season because chances are, everyone has gone through similar experiences mimicking these two situations. The reason “Bob’s Burgers” is so popular is due to its relate-ability (to an extent) so this episode was definitely a right turn in the direction fans like.

We also wanted to take a moment to recognize Mr. Frond and Don. We wanted to bring attention to the moment Don realized that being a school counselor is not as simple as siting in a chair all day doing nothing. Despite Mr. Frond’s many, many faults which can have his character interpreted as annoying and pretentious, he possess some skills that make him decent to the position. Its also nice to see him and Louise work together despite their immense differences, even though they don’t like each other, they always try to help out one and other when it matters.

And that was our review for “Bob’s Burgers” season nines episode fifteen, “The Fresh Princ-ipal”. Thank you for reading and please leave a like and a comment with your thoughts on the episode or with anything related to the show. We always love hearing from you and hope you enjoyed this so we wish you nothing but awesome things this season.