I love movies, books and TV shows about magick and witches. I love the modern and I love the ancient witches. The fantasy witches are the witches I wish I could be. They are are all wild and powerful and some are downright scary. With Halloween, once called Samhain by the witches of old, closing in I thought I would ask my friends and family who their favorite witches were. I was quite flattered by them telling me that I am their favorite witch but I needed ones from literature or TV or the movies. Some of my favorites were theirs too. So this is the list we compiled and it is in no specific order:

Witch Hazel of the Looney Tunes. She is just a hoot and a classic. She is the stereotypical witch made popular with green skin, a large nose and black hair. She is so wickedly delightful.

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Samantha Stephens and her meddling mother Endora from Bewitched. Samantha married a mortal man named Darrin Stephens much to her mother Endora’s dismay. Darrin wants a normal, mortal life with no witchcraft and Samantha can’t help but use magick to fix this or that. Endora is forever causing mayhem which leads Samantha to use more witchcraft.

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I am counting the Sanderson Sisters as one. It just wouldn’t be right not to because you simply can’t picture one without the other two. I love watching them stumble there way through the modern world and grow in confidence. However it is hysterical to see them bow down to a man dressed as Satan as though her were the real thing. They had power but they weren’t the brightest bulbs in the box.

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Sarah Bailey from The Craft. She was the “natural witch” that opposed Nancy when the Power went to her head. I wanted to be Sarah when she was wowing the girls with what she could do with no training. I really really wanted to be her when she found herself and her power and calmly stood up to Nancy. She was a badass when she called the power to her when Rochelle and Bonnie approached her after Nancy had been hospitalized.

Clockwise: Sarah, Bonnie, Rochester and Nancy from the Craft Photo source: The Craft wiki – fandom

Nancy Downs for completely different reasons than Sarah. I wanted to be Sarah. I was Nancy.

Caleb Danvers from The Covenant. So. Friggin’. Sexy. He is sweet. He is smart and loves his family to a fault. Oh yeah, and his magick drains his life force. He is a Son of Ipswitch and a Hell of a catch. Pogue ain’t too bad either.

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Rowena of the hit show Supernatural. She is shady and selfish. Always looking out for herself but so abused at the same time. I think she really needed a hug and a friend.

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The Warlock from the movie The Warlock. He is evil incarnate. He will eat the fat of unbaptized boys to fly, will kill pregnant mothers and age someone twenty years a day as repayment for caring for him after he crashed into her place and ate the tongue of her roommate. It is horrifying but you’ll want to see what happens next.

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Saving the best for last is Hecate, Queen of the Witches. She is a Greek Goddess. If fact, she is a Titoness and one of the very few who were not locked away. If fact she has a realm in Hades. Black dogs hold a special meaning to Hecate as does the moon and necromancy.


These are the witches I love and go back to over and over. Did I miss your favorite? Let me know who and why in the comments below. Til next week…