Anyone else confused as to why Nate is searching for Bonnie’s mystery baby? What exactly is this new information going to change? Or what will it mean for Bonnie? She is fragile as it is and seems to be off to a very good start with her budding relationship with Miller. But I guess we shall find out exactly where this information is going. Any who, Analise is having to defend someone she finds deplorable but it is part of her job, and she can’t decide which cases she will or will not try. So, it is hard to understand what she demanded before even going to work for Caplan and Gold. However, the case is not going as she thought it was. And they are making her try the case in the way that they want and not her own Analise way. But she finds out that the reason why the client is allowed to do what he wants is because he comes with so much money.

The whole gang, minus Asher and Bonnie, are all back together, including Oliver. It is hard to tell what the nature of their relationships are. Is it all the misfortune that they have had that keeps them together or do they genuinely feel love for each other. It seems to me that they are all good with each other until the moment something goes haywire they all turn on each other and blame Analise. Now, with Asher being with the ADA is he on some type of revenge  path because he didn’t get a chance to be in Analise’s workshop. Asher is also caused some friction between Bonnie and Miller and she of course flies off the deep-end when he finds out about their past relationship. She just jumps to conclusions and he just accuses her.

Nate still wants Analise, or at lease that is what I think. I wonder if he is using the Dr chick or is he really into her. I don’t know all he seems to do is get her to run tests on things. Then of course we have fillers and unnecessary information until some truths come out about Emmett. As of now we don’t know what Emmett did except for it was misconduct. Makayla is just straight up annoying, is her character ever going to evolve from the self absorbed little miss know it all who thinks she’s all that and a bad of chips. Let’s not forget that she had a gay fiance, cheated on Asher, got dumped by the guy she cheated with and now she is looking at Gabriel. Over her, she should have been the one to work at the ADA’s office. And what is her deal with trying to have a shemance with Tegan? Like let it go already, she doesn’t want to be bothered with Makayla. Why they keep having her persist is a mystery to me.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is slowly trying to get closer to everyone and Frank is trying to dig up all the dirt he can find. Who is this guy and what is his agenda? Well I guess Frank will soon find that out as well. Could have something to do with the flashback in the first episode of this season. Normally in this show we have one huge case that we are trying to figure out and it is used to further the main story but this time it is a bunch of side stories and everyone is pretty much doing their own thing and dealing with their own messes. Well the big case that is running in the background is for Nate’s dad. But we already went to the Supreme court and won but now she is working on getting him freed.

Analise also gets some new information for the case she is working on for C&G and the more information she gets the harder the case becomes to win. Then they learn that the nasty husband is actually taking the fall for his wife. She and Emmett are working together to try and get the client an acquittal. They decide to blame it on a secretary. The writers are reaching and running out of good ideas. The start of this season is somewhat boring, it doesn’t make me want to watch episode 4 at all, but for y’all I will sacrifice myself. LOL so they lose the case, go figure, it wasn’t really one of Analise’s best. Is it because she is working for “the man” as she puts it. I don’t know but the fire is about out.

Ok, now I realize that the Governor is who is trying to stop Analise from trying her cases by introducing new rules. But if they all pass what was the point? Was it just another filler to fit the episode time slot. Along with Nate continuing to investigate Bonnie’s past. None of it is coming together. Usually we have some sequence of events leads up to the main event, but I fail to see how Bonnie’s past has anything to do with the main story. So the show ends with Frank getting full access to Gabriel so he can find out what he needs. We run back into drunk Makayla having a pity party for one and Frank ends up scraping her up and taking her back home. This episode could have been skipped in my personal opinion. However, we do learn a tidbit of information about her past that her sister was the one who stole her baby. But why and what the point is remains to be seen. Until next week.