The Walking Dead started this season on fire! With a nice segment showing how far along they have come in their training. All the communities have been practicing with specific roles, some hold shields, some are long range fighters, some are short range fighters. They were all fighting some walkers that were on an abandoned boat. It was a great segment to show the communities are together and not just in thoughts, that they were actually working together and often.

Carol returns and it turns out she has been on a boat for awhile. Her and Ezekiel have a very awkward exchange before Daryl and Carol go and catch up. Carol doesn’t want to hear that Oceanside found a Whisperer mask, which I am wondering if it was a regular walker face that Michonne chopped off at training, and instead wants to just go on a ride. When they are catching up Daryl throws out an idea of heading to New Mexico with just the two of them, to Carol that seems like a good idea but Daryl doesn’t want to leave everyone behind.


Daryl and Carol are eating some lunch, making some sweet friendship bracelets. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

We get to see where some of the Whisperer borders are and Daryl doesn’t want to approach one to get a deer that they shot, one to not start something they don’t need to, and two the walkers are closing in fast and get to the deer first. Carol hates the idea of borders and doesn’t know why anyone is obeying it. The satellite from the beginning moments comes back into playing loudly entering the atmosphere. It gets Eugene’s attention who radios from Alexandria to Oceanside to let Michonne and the leaders know what is about to happen.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Who would have thought Russia would have made it to the States? Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The satellite comes in hot, literally, and crashes into the Whisperer’s territory starting a fire. With concern that the fire will spread, and hurt hunting grounds and such everyone decides to enter into the Whisperer territory to put out the forest fire. Magna was pretty against it but relented pretty quickly, it took quite a long time, seemingly all night to create fire lines, put out the fire while fighting off walkers. Eugene wanted to rummage through the satellite for hardware and tech and anything he could find that he believes can be very useful. I think what he finds is going to help him beef up some of the radios and in turn will allow them to connect with people further away.

With this opportunity Daryl takes Carol to the cliff in the Whisperer territory where Alpha previously had her insanely huge hoard, the hoard has moved out, making me wonder if the Whisperers have other groups in other areas they are fighting with and had to move the hoard their, or if it was just time to get them on the move. Daryl starts to head back when Carol waits a few more moments and sees Alpha walking out of the trees like a lioness, she looks up and sees Carol staring down at her. The intense stare between the two is all I need to know that Carol is all-in again on this war.