Spoilers will be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on! This review is based off of the dub version of Super that currently airs on Toonami.

Episode 129 is all about Goku reawakening his Ultra Instinct form to take on Jiren. However, it was revealed that Goku wasn’t using the full on power of Ultra Instinct like many assumed but instead only a fraction of it. So was Goku able to surpass even this limit and achieve the mastered form of Ultra Instinct, while still fighting against Jiren? Let’s dive right on into the recap to find out!

We didn’t waste anytime at all between Goku and Jiren compared to last week’s episode. Here Goku and Jiren went at it in their most powerful forms. It was so much so, that they moved well beyond the eyesights of all of the spectators in the stands — outside of the Angels. The fight itself evolved into a literal battle of wills between the two, with each side tipping the fight into one or the other’s favor at certain points.

It becomes apparent though that Goku is still holding back and not using his full power of Ultra Instinct. Whis explains to everyone that Goku is still over thinking on when to strike back and that split second mental hesitation is causing him to not attain the true Ultra Instinct. This mentality for Goku is the real back bone of the episode until the the closing moments, when Vegeta actually yells at Goku to finish the fight and give it everything he got; because Vegeta himself is getting annoyed at Goku’s hesitation. Once this happens though, Goku finally taps into the actual Ultra Instinct, transforming even further with a more pure silver hair and eyebrows as the episode ends.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 116

Photo Source: Funimation/Toei Animation/Cartoon Network

Other interesting moments of the episode is the fact that Beerus finally told everyone to shut up and stop talking as the fight between Jiren and Goku reached a crescendo — the only exception was Whis and Vegeta who had a pass. But damn, did it feel good to have Krillian finally stop talking every 3 minutes. Everything else was spot on, in terms of animation and how dizzying the fight got. There were some notable slow downs though during the punching furies, but it’s a given being how fast both Goku and Jiren were technically fighting. Not even the Omni-Kings could keep up!

However, it is rather weird with how much damage has been done to the arena, that Frieza is still out there somewhere and no has even mentioned him yet. I wonder what happened to our favorite evil emperor, is he still in one piece with how destructive the fight has become?