Why read cowboy stories when you could experience them? No, you don’t need a trip to Texas or a cowboy hat and boots. You can play a wide variety of games revolving around the old Wild West on your console, PC or mobile device. Here are some of them.

Red Dead Redemption II

If you haven’t played RDR II by now, do you even love the cowboy life? The game came out late last year and became famous pretty fast. Today, RDR2 is still as thrilling as it did nine months ago and can be played both online and offline. 

At its core, Red Dead Redemption is like an alternate world in which you live like a cowboy doing cowboy things. One day you could be hunting, the next you could be binge drinking at a local club. Wait, is that’s all?  

Red Dead Redemption is so straightforward in what you should do complete its mission yet so addictive. When it launched, many critics crowned it the best game of the past five years. They weren’t wrong. From its graphics to sound effects, the storyline to characters; RDR2 impressed nearly everyone who played it.

Black Gold Slots

In Black Gold, the objective is to find and drill oil with the help of character Ol’ Bill. The five-reel slot machine is set in a desert but a place with oil reserves. Oil pipes are visible in the background, so your job shouldn’t be difficult.

Being a slot machine, the best place to play Black Gold is on an online casino. You can play the game free of charge or stake your money for a chance to win more. Regardless, the BetSoft-made game provides an exciting experience. 

It’s also packed with bonus features that activate free spins and multipliers. Triggering oil spouts, barrels, cowboy hats or oil stopcock symbols all activate multipliers on your wins. And because it’s a BetSoft game, Black Gold features incredibly high-quality graphics. Learn the best casinos to play Black Gold slot on freespins.net, including how to play it for free. 

Hard West

After Creative Forge released Hard West in 2015, fans and critics praised the game for its impressive graphics and immersive gameplay. The game takes place in a fictional old Wild West setting but includes additional elements like superhero characters and bank robberies.

In the usual Wild West fashion, Hard West involves a group of gun-wielding cowboys out to do illegal stuff. But unlike most games, this game allows you to choose an adventure. Depending on the storyline, you can a cowboy with flaming horns, become a crime leader and combat other gangs or take other roles. 

Although the stories feature different characters, they complete the game of the Hard West. You can play all characters depending on how much you love the game. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most talked-about games themed after the Wild West.

Freaky Wild West Slot

The game’s title needs no explanation. It’s yet another Wild West themed slot machine. But more importantly, it’s one of the many Wild West games from casino software developer CTXM. The company’s other games include Freaky Cowboys and Freaky Bandits.

Although it’s been around for some years, Freaky Wild West features well-polished graphics and a host of symbols that activate free spins and bonuses. If you choose to play the game for money, you can bet up to 30 paylines and adjust coin sizes accordingly. 

Freaky Wild West also allows you to choose one of three settings: a Sheriff Town, a Bandit’s valley or an Indian village. Depending on your preferred setting, you’ll need to trigger specific symbols to activate spins, multipliers and other bonuses.

You can win up to 5000 times your bet if you trigger the right symbols. What’s more, Freaky Wild West consists of mini-games through which you earn small rewards. Gifts like bullets help you shoot bandits while safe crackers enable you to crack open safes that could include gold or coins.

Call of Juarez

Call of Juarez is one of the best Wild West-themed video games of the 2000s. Launched by Techland in 2006, the game doesn’t boast of the advanced 4K graphics some modern games feature. But it’s decent nonetheless.

The game’s rich storyline plus thrilling gameplay saw it elevate to the top charts of video game ranking. And similar to most developers, Techland wasted no time in making sequels of it. Call of Suarez was the first sequel in 2009 before The Cartel and Gunslinger followed.

Although sequels often surpass the original in quality, the 2007-launched game looks better than some of its successors. It’s a first shooter involving a horse riding, a gun-wielding cowboy who goes on an adventure to find lost gold treasurers.

But after a failed attempt to find the treasure love, Billy Candle comes back home. He arrives moments after his family members were murdered and not knowing what to do next. With the help of his step-uncle, the duo vows to find justice. 

Cowboy Treasure 

Cowboy Treasure got inspiration from the Wild West right from its themes to payouts. With only five paylines in its five reels, you need to be witty like a Wild West cowboy to trigger the right symbols and win decent money in the game.

 On your lucky day, you could win a progressive jackpot that goes up to the millions of dollars. But as we mentioned above, you must work for it. That’s the standard for winning progressive jackpots. Although they may have high RTP rates, they can be dry at times.

But even you don’t hit the jackpot in Play’n GO’s Cowboy Treasure slot, play it for its exciting adventures. It gives out free spins frequently, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it.

To Conclude

The Old Wild West is a heavily exploited genre in literature, film and video games. If you love to play games; the games mentioned above are worth your time. For the video games, you’ll mostly find them on PC or consoles. But if you also play slots, you can conveniently find them on mobile devices.