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Imperator Furiosa must be one of the fiercest badasses ever to grace a movie screen, so it’s no surprise that the workout inspired by her is a tough one. I’m now on my sixth nerdy workout review, and I’m firmly in the territory of workouts that are way too difficult for this particular couch potato to complete with any level of skill, and my grace and dignity ran for the hills about four weeks ago. This one was particularly hilarious, containing a few exercises that, when I did them, bore absolutely no resemblance to what they are supposed to look like whatsoever.


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How many sets did I do: Three. This one was tough, and I was a lot slower at it than I have been on some of the others. I only have twenty minutes for my morning exercise, and it took all that time for me to lumber through this routine three times.

Peak heart rate during workout: 120, so still not all that high, although I definitely got out of breath and had to rest more than usual between sets.

Easiest exercise: The punches were the easiest again. I do quite enjoy doing the punches, but unless you’re going to do about 60 per set I find they don’t really achieve much in the way of exertion. Maybe if someone were to volunteer for me to punch them it might take a bit more effort…

Hardest exercise: The raised leg push-ups were laughably hard. I can’t even really do a full regular push-up, so trying to do one with one leg in the air was at best ambitious. My effort at this exercise translated as the tiniest of fluctuations in my elbows, accompanied by a lot of grunting. An honourable mention has to go to the popup tripods, which just looked like I was attempting to do a handstand and failing miserably. They were definitely the least dignified exercise in the set.

Next day? I don’t think I actually did this enough times for it to make me stiff anywhere, except for a little bit in the butt-zone, which is predictable for me. Regardless of the exercise, I seem to lead with my butt – this is what I am learning from these workouts. I must have an incredibly powerful butt by now.

Playlist highlights: I’m really worried that the only songs that haven’t been played during these workouts so far are the embarrassing ones – I cannot wait for the workout where all those get played at once. This time my highlights were Archers by Brand New, Champion by Fall Out Boy and Salt Sweat Sugar by Jimmy Eat World.

Difficulty rating: 9/10. This one was definitely as tough as Imperator Furiosa.

Hero rating: 5/10. The moves were kind of badass, but me flailing about so uselessly made me feel distinctly less than heroic.


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