Episode Synopsis:

Alliances shift among the prison “families” as Piscatella and his guards crack down. Poussey, Judy and Alex prefer to look ahead to the future.

The Inmates:

Too nice for Litchfield

We immediately start the episode, with an insight into Baxter Bayley’s life previous to working at Litchfield. He’s seemed like a typical troublesome teenager, fooling around with his friends. Him and his friends are finally leaving high school, and decide to celebrate by climbing up the water tower and drinking and taking drugs. They get in trouble with the cops and land in jail. They obviously get out, but are reminded to clean up their acts. We also see that Baxter has been working at an ice cream shop, but after giving out ice creams for free, he ends up getting fired. As revenge, him and his friends egg his manager’s house and also Frieda, when they drive by Litchfield. Cut to the present, where funnily enough, Baxter is now working at Litchfield, and he’s worried about the events happening at the prison. When Caputo pulls up into his space, Baxter confronts him and tells him all about what happened the previous night. Trying to deal with the situation, Caputo talks to Humps and tells him that he’s suspended. And of course Piscatella overhears and puts Caputo in his place. I was so mad at Piscatella when he told Caputo that Humps wasn’t suspended and that he needs to be treating his guards with respect. You could just see Caputo shriveling up and giving in in that moment, because Piscatella is an intimidating guy and thinks he’s handling everything well. Later, Caputo talks to Baxter again and asks why he chose to work at Litchfield. Baxter responds with the fact that it’s just a job and that he’s still trying to figure out what to do with his life. What was interesting, was that as a response to his answer, Caputo tells Baxter that he should leave Litchfield while he can, because he’s still a nice human being and hasn’t been changed by the prison yet. I thought that was actually a great piece of advice. The gears start turning in Baxter’s head, and he really ponders what he should do next. In the auditorium, he talks with Coates, and asks him if he thinks he’s changed. Coates says he hasn’t, but doesn’t confess to his incident with Pennsatucky. I think at this moment, Baxter really looks like he’s making a decision about whether to stay or leave Litchfield. Sadly, towards the end of the episode, when chaos is ensuing, Baxter’s life changes for the worst, when he accidentally restricts Poussey’s breathing, and ends up killing her. You know that he’s never going to be the same, after what he did. I’m scared to see how he’s going to deal with his mistake.

Come together

After what happened the night before, the task force asks Taystee and Poussey if they’d like to help them get rid of Humps because of what he’s been doing to the inmates. Also, Piscatella is getting worse, because he’s not letting Red get a second of shut eye. He wakes her up to make breakfast. To further the plan, Sankey and Taystee walk into the salon and ask Maria and her girls, if they’d like to help them out also. Maria agrees, but tells Sankey and Taystee that they shouldn’t be going after Humps, they should start from the top, which is Piscatella. Their next step, was to tell Red and some of the other girls. They talk about how they’re going to take Piscatella down, but their egos get in the way. At that moment, it seems like their plan is doomed. Later, word gets round about the take down of Piscatella, and everyone seems to be in. The next morning, Piscatella catches Red sleeping again, and wakes her up. He makes an announcement to the rest of the inmates about how they shouldn’t be treated nicely and shoves Red to the ground. That was the last straw, and in that instant, Blanca decides to stand on the cafeteria table and protest. Piper soon follows, and then everyone is protesting. They tell Piscatella to resign, but he’s not afraid. He gets the guards to come in and they start getting the girls down. Because of what happened the night before, Crazy Eyes is in full panic mode, and starts acting out of control. Things just get out of hand, and Poussey ends up getting killed. I really hope at this point, Caputo realizes that he’s truly in charge, and fires Piscatella and his guards. Even though Piscatella thinks it’s humane to treat inmates unfairly because their criminals, these women are also people. Yes, they shouldn’t be spoiled, but they need to be treated with respect and made as comfortable as they can be in that type of environment.

The future

Some of the inmates were thinking about their futures and what their lives would be like after they leave prison. Soso and Poussey talked about their future, while sitting in Lolly’s time machine. They talked about getting jobs, growing old, and even traveling to Fiji. To start preparing for her future after prison, Poussey visits Judy in her room and asks if she could make it as a cook. Making it seem like dreams can come true, Judy tells Poussey that she could definitely make it in the world as a cook, and she would help her, right when she gets out prison. Excited, Poussey finds Soso and tells her the good news. On the flip side, the couple end up getting into a fight right after, when Soso tells Poussey about wanting to join in the protest against Piscatella. Even though Poussey was happy to hear about making it in the real world after prison, I’m really not sure Judy would have helped her. I feel like Judy is just trying to get by day after day, without causing trouble and is being nice to everyone as sort of a front. Another couple thinking about their futures, were Piper and Alex. Since the whole dead body event has mostly blown over, Alex still feels guilty about what happened to Lolly. Piper and her decide to lay low for a while, and they talk about what their futures would look like, once they got out of prison. Yet again, Lorna is obsessed with the fact that Vincent is probably hooking up with her sister, so she actually calls him this time. They talk for a while, but eventually, Lorna gives in and tells Vincent head on, that she thinks he’s cheating on her. They argue and Vincent calls her crazy, but weirdly, while at breakfast the next day, Lorna tells the girls that she’s thinking about having a baby with him. Lorna’s crazy is definitely showing. Lastly, we Healy and Caputo. Both were thinking about their future and not really knowing how to fix it. Healy, was still reeling from the Lolly incident, but after talking to Red, she tells him to get it together, and he finally realizes, that he needs to visit his mother more. Kind of like a do over for himself. Since he failed both his mother and Lolly, he thinks he could fix his relationship with his mother once again. Also, due to Litchfield falling apart yet again, Caputo is trying to figure out what to do with his life as the head of Litchfield. Funnily enough, he visits Natalie Figueroa, who we haven’t seen in a while, and he tells her he’s sorry about everything that went down between them. He now understands the pressure she was under to maintain Litchfield, and he feels her pain. Even though Caputo seemed a little happier after apologizing to Natalie, she puts him in a bad mood again, when she tells him that more inmates are going to be sent to Litchfield. That just sounds like an even worse idea. Litchfield really doesn’t need any more inmates because they’re already having troubles as it is.

Sophia returns

It was a surprise to see that Sophia is finally back at Litchfield, but she of course didn’t seem too happy because she’d been through a lot at SHU. Thankfully, Gloria saw that she’d returned, and was willing to help her, even though Sophia refused. Later that day, Gloria runs into Sophia again, and finds out that Sophia is too scared to go into the salon to get a brush. Being the great friend that she is, Gloria decided to take matters into her own hands, and clears out the salon for her. Sophia gives Gloria her wig, and they put it back on her head. Hopefully, having her gorgeous hair back, will bring some spirit back to her life and get her out of her funk. I like Gloria and Sophia’s friendship because like we saw in the salon scene, Gloria would do anything for Sophia. Even if it was yelling at her own group to get out of the salon.

Friends again 

Pennsatucky and Boo finally exchanged words again, and it was nice to see that Pennsatucky was eager to be friends with Boo again. She tried to tell Boo that she’s been reading the Bible again and that even though she has forgiven Coates for what he did, Boo should also move on as well. Even though Boo doesn’t really agree to move on, she decides to be friends with Pennsatucky again. And what Pennsatucky doesn’t see, is that when Boo passes Coates in the hallway, while she’s alone, she slaps him and tells him not to hurt Pennsatucky again. Let’s hope he doesn’t do anything stupid again.