All gaming fans will know the Konami name. This huge Japanese company was founded way back in 1969 by pioneering hero Kagemasa Kozuki. Since then, it has grown to become a major force that has helped shape gaming as we know it today. This naturally includes video games, with titles such as the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, Silent Hill and Castlevania. It is not just in video games where they are a massive name, though. Over time, they have branched out into other sectors, such as trading cards and anime. 

Of course, one modern sector in which they have a big interest is online casino gaming. Not only can you now find Konami casinos online, but the company also produces online slot games. They have made great inroads into the iGaming industry in recent years, with titles such as China Shores, Lotus Island and Imperial Wealth. In fact, Konami now boasts a huge range of online slots and die-hard fans of the gaming giant can view their catalogue on

But what might the future hold for this Japanese gaming goliath? 

Further expansion into the online casino sector 

We have already noted that iGaming is one area in which the company has been very active over the last few years. When you consider that the entire online gambling sector (including online casino play) is projected to be worth over $100 billion by 2025, you can see why Konami are keen to get a piece of this pie. But how will they go about it as we move forward? The first thing you would expect is for them to simply develop and release more slot games in the future, and this was evident at London’s ICE event in 2020, where they launched new progressive and specialty slots.

The company may also move towards other games that are typically associated with slots. Online casino play includes classic table games, live dealer titles and other games such as Bingo or Keno, and it is not a big stretch to imagine Konami developing titles in these areas to expand their portfolio. It is also feasible that the company will forge new connections with online casino partners over time. This will help them win extra market share by making their games more widely available. 

More focus on mobile gaming 

There are some great ways to enjoy gaming more but mobile play is hard to beat. Being able to play on the move and always have something fun to kill time with is an awesome thing. As a result, we all know that mobile play is now key across all gaming niches – from online slots to video games. With this in mind, it is easy to see this is somewhere else Konami may head as time passes. 

This will not only help them connect with their customers on a format they enjoy but also monetize their products to generate more revenue. The company is sure to take the recent success of titles such as Pro Evolution Soccer on mobile, and run with it as they move forward. This will help position them on the cutting edge of gaming and ensure that, as a company, they stay relevant to players.

eSports could be a new avenue 

eSports is now a huge sector within gaming and one that has really exploded in popularity over the last few years. As the recent commercial deal by audio brand DTS to sponsor esports team Vanish shows, this gaming niche has benefited greatly from commercial-level investment in order to expand. It now generates over $1 billion in revenue annually and has over 400 million fans. This is something that is likely to pique Konami’s interest and cause them to make a foray into it. This has started to some extent already, with the Tokyo HQ of Konami including an esports studio and a school to train pro gamers. 

As well as giving the company the opportunity to run successful esports teams of their own in the future, it will help them stay relevant in the gaming sector and partner with upcoming pro gaming influencers. It is also likely that they will put effort into producing new video game titles that are geared towards esports play.

Konami set to cement their status 

You do not stick around in gaming for as long as Konami has without being flexible and reactive to changing tastes. This is really where the company will succeed in the future as online casino play, esports, and mobile gaming dominate. Of course, video gaming will always be around and you can bank on the company knocking out some more top titles in this area for console play.