Hopefully this episode marks a positive upswing for the rest of the season. Topher continues as the focal point of the episode and his arc is one that keeps the audience guessing. Even though it’s clear he is not telling the truth, the whys and whatfors are still unclear until the second act.

Taking a short hiatus from watching the show gave me an opportunity to rethink how I was looking at the characters. I actually began having the conversations that Karolina/Nico and Gert/Molly had about how each of the kids are seeking connection. The naivety of Molly and Karolina in their interactions with Topher and Jonah respectively are a result of these kids needing to find a way to find some truth and light in a world that has been upended by the actions of their parents.

The parents remain essentially flat characters and felt somewhat extraneous during this episode. The flatness is interesting because the writers seem to flip the coin by episode.  I’m still not quite sure how the parents want us to view the parents. Are we supposed to be sympathetic to them because they have been mistreated and used by Jonah? Or do we look at them as complacent accomplices who used Jonah power and influence to gain wealth and prestige of their own? The writing of the parents remains disjointed at times. During this episode they were played more human and caring and less callous.

Either way this was the best episode of the season and I’m curious about where they are going to go from here.