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It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of Gary. I think he’s a massive waste of space, and I don’t think I’m ever going to forgive him for not looking for Sheila when she went missing because he was too busy having a big old sulk about her interfering in his life.

Just for clarification, I think Damien Richardson, who plays him, is great. It’s because of his brilliant portrayal of Gary that I have such strong feelings about him as a character.­ Gary is such a comically crap adult that, even though he’s fictional, he makes me feel better about my own lack of adulting skills.

I find Amy a little bit dull, but she’s OK, and she was clearly way out of Gary’s league, so I’m glad that she finally saw sense and upgraded to a slightly better model of Canning, and one that has less chance of winding up in prison. This, of course, left Gary single again, and he was pretty sad about it. I particularly enjoyed seeing Gary doing something which is normally reserved for heartbroken female characters, which was sad-eating a tub of ice cream in front of the TV. We’ve all been there.

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Not one to pass up the opportunity for a bit of humiliation and rejection, Gary immediately got back on to the dating horse and started chatting up random women in public places. For some reason, both of the women he’d tried this on with at the point of me writing this were receptive – they were clearly unable to detect the aroma of failure which must follow him around.

As Neighbours viewers, we’re no strangers to coincidences, and pretty on board with the concept that everyone who orbits Erinsborough is linked to everyone else in some way, so it’s not too hard to suspend your disbelief for long enough to accept that out of all the women in Erinsborough, Gary decided to chat up two of Paul’s ex-wives. Gary may even have hit on a couple more by now, but I’m a bit behind on my viewing. And, let’s face it, Paul has enough ex-wives to keep this story line going for a while yet. I don’t think Gary has ever really got over Terese picking Paul over him, so for Gary’s two rebound dates to be Paul’s exes was a sheer delight.

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A fairly typical shot of Gary and Paul. Photo: © Channel 5 Source: Digital Spy

I absolutely loved this story line. I loved how pleased Paul was when he realized that Gary was going on a date with Gail, and I loved the look of utter dejection on Gary’s face when he found out her marital history – it was priceless. And so I was positively giggling with glee when he ended up asking Rebecca out in The Waterhole. I haven’t seen how that date went yet, but I can’t wait.

Of course this happened to Gary. Of course it did. The bloke is a failure magnet. I’m a big fan of a comedy Gary plot line, so now all the Amy angst is done and dusted, please can we have a bit more Canning comic relief?